Mobily and PSU celebrate the graduation of the first batch of (Mobily SAP) program
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Mobily and PSU celebrate the graduation of the first batch of (Mobily SAP) program

 Mobily and PSU celebrate the graduation of the first batch of (Mobily SAP) program

Mobily celebrated the graduation of the first batch of students of "Mobily SAP" program within Prince Salman Education for Employment program at Prince Sultan university in the presence of Dr. Ahmed bin Saleh Al-Yamani, PSU director and Ismail AlGhamdi, Acting Chief of Business Unit at Mobily and Chief Executive Officer of (SAP) in Saudi Arabia, Engineer Ahmed Bin Jaber Alfaifi.

The new batch graduation of (37) graduates comes after having completed successfully an intensive training program of the academy which continued over (30) weeks, where they get international certificates from (SAP) in the following fields: (SAP) program for human and financial resources, (SAP HANA), a pioneer cloud business application in the field of industry, (SAP Solution Manager) as well as (SAP Business Process Integration).

The participating university graduates in this program have received a full time practical and theoretical training on (SAP) application under direct supervision of the program, "Prince Salman Education for Employment" at PSU. The graduates got also a special training on applications and other software platforms for devices such as the thinking design, business intelligence and mobile applications. The graduates received as well intensive study subjects, and other materials for the development of personal skills.

Dr. Ahmed Al Yamani stressed in his speech that "the next generation of leaders in the Kingdom including those 37 graduates of "Prince Salman Education for Employment Program" at PSU will be able through the support offered to them to optimize the utilization of their university degrees and (SAP ) certificates granted to them. They are expected to contribute to push forward the innovation process in the field of business technology and to have a positive impact on the Kingdom's growing economy. Dr. Al Yamani appreciated Mobily's initiative in support of this program, which emerges out of its national sense toward the young generation of this country.

Engineer Ismail Al Ghamdi stressed that, "education and supporting the next generation of manpower, constitutes a major part of the social responsibility initiatives of the company. Accordingly, Mobily is keen to study the needs of the labor market and support it by young national cadres who are prepared scientifically and practically to produce prominent leaders capable to manage the major companies in the Kingdom. Engineer Al Gamdi praised Prince Salman's program as a model to be followed in the region, and reflects the effectiveness of the partnership between the public and private sectors in promoting employment opportunities and job skills to unemployed graduates.

From his part, Engineer Ahmed Alfaifi clarified that "many institutions in the Kingdom are looking to employ graduates who have the skills of (SAP), so the program of education for employment provides real and practical training and skills for graduates, which enabling them to enter the labor market quickly and smoothly. As we consider education as one of our major priorities, we will continue to develop partnerships aiming to create more job opportunities.

"Mobily SAP" program is considered one of the approved programs under Prince Salman Education for Employment program, and it is a product of the mutual cooperation between PSU and Mobily and SAP AG as part of their collective efforts aiming to contribute to the development of Saudi universities graduates and help them to get jobs in all parts of the Kingdom and keep them away from unemployment fears. In this respect, Mobily is offering financial and technical support for the program, whereas (SAP) will provide a number of features for the distinguished graduates such as offering them one year subscription in (SAP Learning Hub Customer Edition), which is a cloud software platform allows access to a full training package from (SAP) includes training materials and courses on the Internet. The other graduates can benefit from (SAP Learning Hub Student Edition) subscription.

The Graduates and Program's supervisors at the PSU received a tribute and appreciation from (SAP) Forum which was held recently by Luka Mucich, Chief Financial Officer of (SAP) and Werner Brandt, the former CFO of SAP, and Samer Al kharrat, Chief of (SAP) in Middle East and North Africa, who expressed their congratulations for the success of the program, and their delight for the huge and continuous development of courses and training carried out by (SAP MENA) through the company's presentations and educational programs represented by (SAP MENA) programs for education and (SAP MENA) programs for Training and Development.

It is worth mentioning that (Prince Salman Education for Employment) program is one of the great distinguished programs of the Community Service and Continuing Education Center which finds a special patronage by His Royal Highness Prince Salman bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud, Crown Prince, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense, Chairman of Riyadh Charitable Science Foundation, the official sponsor for Prince Sultan University, and under direct supervision of His Highness Dr. Abdulaziz bin Mohammed bin Ayaf, Vice-President of the Foundation, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the University. This program is specialized in the rehabilitation of the graduates of Saudi universities who are suffering difficulties in finding a job as a result of a lack of skills, the program helps them also to acquire global professional certificates through six academies that were established in collaboration with a number of local and global institutions.
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