The Hilton Towers Mumbai, serious style and substance
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The Hilton Towers Mumbai, serious style and substance

The Hilton Towers Mumbai, serious style and substance

The phrase 'a room with a view' has been used very liberally over the years to describe all manner of panoramas from hotel windows right across the globe, but the sight that greets your eyes as you gaze out of the windows of the Hilton Towers Mumbai is undoubtedly one of the best around. Indeed, the scene overlooking the pale blue Arabian Sea is very much in keeping with the equally impressive surroundings of the hotel itself.

    India has always been a place full of vibrancy and, right now, with its economy growing rapidly, it is really buzzing and Mumbai provides much of its commercial heart beat. The Hilton Towers offers guests an appropriately dynamic, stylish and contemporary hotel.

    Executive excellence

    Unsurprisingly, the hotel caters to a large number of business travellers and the facilities available at its three spanking new executive floors, which contain 70 rooms and are located on the 27th, 28th and 29th levels, are top drawer. Decor is very tasteful, interweaving pieces of modern art with fascinating old prints of the city in bygone times; but, overall, the rooms have a distinctly European feel to them.

    Each room's spacious workstation, with its elegant leather desk accessories, offers wireless broadband Internet access but if you've left your laptop at the office, don't worry, as complimentary facilities are conveniently available at the executive lounge on the 28th floor - which also generously plies guests with free breakfasts as well as light snacks throughout the day.

    The only concerns for a busy business traveller would be spending far too long staring out of the window at that wonderful view of the bay or over pampering themselves in the state-of-the-art bathrooms, which are divided from the main bedroom area by a glass partition, which means you can enjoy a massaging shower and admire the skyscrapers in the distance at the same time. But, with a pragmatic twist and for the more reserved, a paisley silk screen can be lowered at the simple press of a button.

    It almost goes without saying that the rooms also offer the latest flat screen TVs and DVD players, with the executive lounge containing a copious film library. The executive floor staff are also warm, highly professional and keen to make one's stay even more comfortable than it already is.

    Opportunities for indulgence

    But you don't have to be in Mumbai on business to enjoy the Hilton Towers' facilities including, of course, the varied delights of its restaurants. In keeping with the rest of the property, the restaurants are contemporary and ooze style. Frangipani, which offers predominantly Mediterranean fare, is ideal if you fancy a light meal, with its signature salad an appetising option. For something more substantial, you could try the blackened salmon or peppered steak, while its wood-fired pizza oven is always busy.

    India Jones, another fine dining choice, offers a heady mix of Burmese, Vietnamese, Japanese, Malaysian, Indonesian, Singaporean and Thai dishes. If that combination alone doesn't get the taste buds tingling then its laksa grouper, a real long-time house favourite, certainly will. The Hilton Towers has also drafted in two chefs from Beijing, one of whom specialises in dim sum, as part of the India Jones team.

    But if you end up over-indulging, then you can always burn off the pounds in the hotel's fitness centre or pool, once again with a view over the bay right alongside. Although, if that sounds far too energetic, you could choose to lighten your wallet instead in the shopping arcade, with outlets offering a tempting array of goods such as jewellery, antiques and carpets.

    Ideal for work or play

    The Hilton Towers Mumbai is a chic, modern first class international hotel, offering a very high level of facilities to its guests. For business and leisure travellers alike, its amenities are superb and the executive floors provide serious rest and relaxation after a busy day in Mumbai's commercial area, handily only a stone's throw away, or alternatively after exploring the city's many fascinating sights and diverse neighbourhoods.

    So, whether you come armed with your PDA or your guide book, the Hilton Towers Mumbai seems to have absolutely everything covered.
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