Vodafone'S My First Amazon Adventure begins
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Vodafone'S My First Amazon Adventure begins

Vodafone'S My First Amazon Adventure begins

The 7 Adventurers of Vodafone's My First Amazon Adventure left Doha on Thursday, 7 August, heading to Brasil for a journey of a lifetime.

Mohammed Al Shammeri, Tameem Al Hammadi, Leila Al Tamimi, Noor Al Mohannadi, Maqdeem Al Naama, Aisha Al Naama and Mohammed Adel Al Naimi have volunteered to go on a 21-day trek across the Brasilian Amazon at the end of which they will be building a school for one of the remotest communities there. My First Amazon Adventure will see inspiring role model, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Abdulla Al Thani, mentoring the young Qatari Adventurers who are aged between 17 and 24.

Vodafone Qatar, in partnership with Mediadante, announced the launch of My First Amazon Adventure earlier in June this year.

The initiative is Vodafone's local edition of personal Firsts, aligning with Vodafone Group's global Firsts platform.

Zeena Abu-Issa, Events & Sponsorship Manager at Vodafone Qatar, said: "We're very excited to see our young Adventurers embarking on this challenging lifetime experience and we invite everyone in Qatar to join the conversation and encourage them via hashtag #Qatarfirsts. My First Amazon Adventure gives the young Adventurers the opportunity to change people's lives and affect a community in Brasil for the better while going through challenges outside of their comfort zone. In the process of doing this, they will achieve an unforgettable First."

Firsts, initially launched by Vodafone Group in January 2014, is all about human endeavor and achieving something remarkable for the first time enabled by the use of Vodafone technology.

The group will be seen climbing one of the highest mountains in Brasil, cutting their own path through the jungle, making shelter for the night, fishing for piranhas, finding their dinner in the rainforest, making a fire and canoeing from one place to the next; all to arrive at the most important challenge: building a school from scratch. The physical challenges they will face will reshape them forever with the cultural experience of working with the local community in Brasil by building the school and having the greatest impact.

Throughout the entire 21-day journey, Vodafone Qatar will be posting daily feeds on multiple social media platforms to update followers who can communicate with the young Adventurers via the following Twitter handles: @tameemfirsts, @mohammedfirsts, @aishafirsts, @maqdeemfirsts, @noorfirsts, @leilafirsts and @samifirsts.

The young Qatari Adventurers will return on the 28th of August, 2014.
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