Zain organizes 'Leading Change' workshop at headquarters
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Zain organizes 'Leading Change' workshop at headquarters

Zain organizes 'Leading Change' workshop at headquarters

Zain, the leading telecommunications company in Kuwait, recently organized a comprehensive workshop entitled 'Leading Change' for its managers and team leaders to reinforce their leadership and positive change skills. The workshop was led by Paul Rigby, a regular keynote speaker at global conferences, and was held at Zain's headquarters in Shuwaikh, where he highlighted the importance of adapting to change in order to lead successful businesses. The workshop witnessed the attendance of Zain's Chief Regulatory Officer Faisal Abul, who honored Paul Rigby for his efforts in making the event a success.

In a press statement, the company stated that its eagerness in organizing this workshop for executives and team leaders came after the overwhelming success the first public workshop received back in April. The organization of the workshop also coincides with Zain's lead partnership of the 'Knowledge Club 2014', a comprehensive series of in-depth seminars and workshops that cover topics relating to overcoming business challenges and excelling in the many fields of business.

Nawal Bourisli, Zain's Human Resources Director said: "At Zain, we take the development and advancement of our human element very seriously. Our staff are considered our main pillars of success, and for this reason, our lead partnership of the Knowledge Club 2014 throughout the year is a testament of our eagerness to develop our employees' skills. This strategy was proven to be very successful back in May, where the former Executive Vice President of Operations at Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, Lee Cockerell, tackled several topics on how an organization's employees can keep up with the ongoing changes and challenges to provide better service to customers. This time, the 'Leading Change' workshop led by Paul Rigby worked towards identifying the emerging change and diversity in a company and for team leaders and managers to react positively to lead a successful business."

Bourisli added "we strive to present our employees with unparalleled workshops and seminar that assist them in being the change in driving success to our business. The Leading Change workshop is based on the best-selling book entitled Our Ice Berg is Melting by Harvard Professor John O. Kotter, which addressed the fact that, by improving employees' ability to change, organizations can increase their chances of success, both today and in the future through properly developed radical plans"

Bourisli went on to explain that the overall flow of the workshop was flexible in terms of delivering information to the attendees, as Paul Rigby reinforced the workshop through activities and exercises as well as his personal hands on experiences to deliver the largest and most possible examples to the employees. Zain will continue exerting maximum efforts in allocating the best learning methods to provide its employees with to nurture their business skills.

It is worth mentioning that Zain's lead partnership with The Knowledge Club 2014 highlights its continuous efforts in providing its employees with a platform that brings together international experts from several areas, by reserving exclusive seats for them to attend the workshops throughout the year. Zain aims at supporting the development of human resources, and the company firmly believes that by strengthening its relationship with the society in which it operates in, benefits will accrue to all members of society as well as tackling the most important topics that create challenges for companies operating in today's world.
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