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10 Best Employee Time Tracking Apps

. It can be really difficult to estimate expenses and tracking time is a great way to get real-time insights into the costs of business processes

Time Doctor is one of the foremost employee time management apps available today Timewerks is a time tracker that allows companies to raise invoices and issue the same to freelancers, employees, and consultants Toggl is one of the simplest time tracker tools that aims to boost employee productivity at the workplace

By: Jane Hurst is a writer, editor and avid traveler from San Francisco, CA

Employee time tracking apps are gaining traction in the workplace irrespective of the scale of a company’s operations. But what really is the need to track employee time? For starters, tracking time helps make costs more visible. It can be really difficult to estimate expenses and tracking time is a great way to get real-time insights into the costs of business processes. 

Further, using the data obtained, companies can make business-critical decisions including when to expand the team and conduct recruitments. Time tracking apps can also help plan employee schedules and shifts well. Such apps can also drive greater focus at the workplace considering that about 70% of the workers in the US feel a level of disengagement at their workplace.

A quick look at time tracking apps and you’ll immediately realize the market is flooded with options. However, a few apps have stood the test of time and emerged as the best of the lot. In this article, we present 10 of the best employee time tracking apps that will help your organization stay up-to-date on key time management data and insights. 

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1. Time Doctor

Time Doctor is one of the foremost employee time management apps available today. The software packs in a powerful punch when it comes to the features onboard. Best of all, it is easy to use and shines with its intuitive user interface. Time Doctor basically makes time tracking easy and seamless for teams of all sizes. The app actually helps you see how lost time translates to business losses that could have been mitigated with careful time management.


Client Reporting

Many a time, companies might find their clients wanting to take a sneak peek at the work schedules. Time Doctor lets your clients have a look at the screenshots and time entries. The app also allows you to host the data on your own domain. You can control access to information and specify what data needs to be visible to the client.

Productivity and Focus Boost

Time Doctor gives the workforce an instant productivity and focus boost. The fact that the time on the workspaces is being monitored is itself known to help the workforce concentrate more since it brings in greater accountability and transparency into the equation.

Alerts to Prevent Distractions

The app will pop up alerts in real-time when it detects that you’ve ventured onto websites that can potentially end up wasting your valuable time. Similarly, the app will automatically detect if the employees haven’t been active on their systems and send them an alert. 


Time Doctor is priced at $9.99 per user per month. There is even a 14-day free trial period for users to try the app and see how it works for them.

2. Hubstaff

Hubstaff is another popular employee time track program that is used by startups and enterprises. The app not only includes time track functionality but also packs in project management and payroll management tools. 


Randomized Screenshots and Tracking

One of the main features of the Hubstaff app is that it is possible to take random screenshots while the employees work on their computers. Even activity levels can be tracked to a great degree of accuracy. 

Integration with Other Tools

Hubstaff integrates with the other project management tools in your workflow. You can use it with Asana and Salesforce, for example.

Automated Payroll Management

Hubstaff also features automated payroll management wherein the software can automatically calculate the payments to be made to the employees based on their working hours. Hubstaff then integrates with the preferred payment service to hand out the payments.


Hubstaff provides a number of different pricing plans to choose from which start at $7 per month per user. A 14-day free trial is also available for users to test the app. 

3. Zoho People

Zoho People is an attendance and time tracking app that allows employees to mark their check-in using their mobiles or via a web interface. The app also tracks their timesheets and work schedules. 


Detailed Reports 

The app offers detailed reports that yield rich insights into how teams have been working. It is possible to track early and late arrivals as well as examine the discrepancies between the scheduled and the actual worked hours. 

Easy Invoicing

Zoho People provides seamless invoicing tools. The app is completely integrated with Zoho Invoice, Zoho Books, and Quickbooks.

Employee Database Management System

The app is much more than a simple time management system: it is actually a complete employee database management system. 


Zoho People provides a free version for companies with less than 5 employees. The paid plans start at $1 per employee per month. 

4. Timewerks

Timewerks is a time tracker that also allows companies to raise invoices and issue the same to freelancers, employees, and consultants. The app is available for iOS and there is a web app as well for on-cloud syncing. 


Track Projects and Clients

Using Timewerks, companies can create projects for each client. It is possible to have several client records on the system. The work takes place inside projects in which time is logged. When a project has been closed, it can be easily archived. 

PDF or HTML Invoices

Timewerks can be used to create PDF or HTML invoices. The invoices can be customized with the company branding as well. Different rates can be configured for each project or task.

Backup and Restore Tools

One of the biggest advantages of using Timewerks is the cloud backup and restore feature. You can backup all data in the app with a single click and restore everything equally easily. 


Timewerks comes with a free version that supports all features but allows the creation of only a single invoice. The paid plans start at $4.99.

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5. ATracker

ATracker is a time management app that functions with little setup time and yet has several advanced functions. The main dashboard shows the time usage statistics at a glance. 


Visual Reports

ATracker allows managers and administrators to create beautiful pie charts and reports in a highly visual format that are easy to share. Apart from these visual representations, you can also share the reports in the conventional CSV format. 

Widgets for iOS

The app also has dedicated widgets for iOS devices including iPhones and iPads. Users can use these widgets to start and stop the timer without unlocking the device first. 

List vs Calendar View

ATracker lets users choose between a list and calendar view when seeing the time logs. While each view has its own uses, the ability to switch between them is a great feature indeed. It is also possible to tag the tasks. 


ATracker comes with a free plan that supports a limited number of features. The premium versions start at $2.99 per month.

6. ClickTime

ClickTime tracks employee time, costs, time offs, and team availability as well. The app can be accessed online or on the phone. 


Time Tracking Automation

ClickTime’s automation feature really simplifies everyday time management work to a great extent. The app eliminates the need to manually enter the same tasks and projects. You can simply copy projects from one period to another. The app’s predictive intelligence feature will automatically pre-fill timesheets based on your usual activity.

Rich Employee Insights

The app provides actionable insights on employee data including their availability, schedules, and time offs. Billing objectives can be specified and employee availability tracked in real-time. Users can also integrate reports from the app with other tools.


ClickTime integrates well with popular CRM, project management, cloud storage, team communication, and accounting tools. Even the timesheet data can be easily integrated with other tools such as payroll software.


ClickTime paid plans start at $9 per month per user and go all the way up to $24 per month per user. The app also provides a free trial. 

7. Toggl

Toggl is one of the simplest time tracker tools that aims to boost employee productivity at the workplace. At the core of Toggl is an intuitive interface that provides a seamless time tracking experience. 


Time Tracking Alerts

It is really easy to actually forget to start the time tracker app on a busy workday. Toggl can send automated email reminders to employees to remind them to use the timer.

Calendar Integration

Calendar events can easily be converted into timesheet entries using Toggl. This is a really powerful feature that allows you to retain time data in your calendar application as well. It is also possible to add manual time entries using the app. 

Multi-platform Support

Toggl offers apps for smartphones in addition to the web portal. Users can begin tracking on one device and switch to another. All data is continuously synced between the apps. 


Toggl offers a number of price plans to choose from. The paid plans start at $10 per month per user. 

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8. Vericlock

Vericlock is an employee time tracking app that supports easy integration with the popular payroll and accounting software your company might already be using. 


Multiple Check-in Options

A great feature of Vericlock is that employees can clock in time with a variety of options at their disposal. They could use their smartphones to begin tracking, send an SMS or use the web portal.

Transparent Timesheet Management

Vericlock shows all past timesheets and opens up collaboration between employees and their managers, helping resolve any potential time management disputes. Messages can be sent directly through the platform.


The Vericlock app charges customers a $10 account fee every month. The plans start at $5 per user.

9. Tsheets

Tsheets is a well-known time management app that supports easy clock in with just one click. The app also supports seamless customization and comes with powerful payroll management features.


Interactive Reports

Tsheets can provide business-critical insights with its interactive reports that show valuable time data for the organization. The reports can help predict future costs as well as payroll management.

GPS-based Time Tracker

The app allows employees to track time along with GPS location stamps. The phone app works without draining the battery. It is also possible to identify staff closest to a certain location so you can allot tasks accordingly to the right people at the right time. 


Tsheets makes task scheduling easy. Managers can assign jobs to team members who will receive reminder alerts via SMS or email. The app also shows who is working at the moment so you can pick individuals with ease. 


Tsheets charges a $20 monthly base fee in addition to which users need to pay $8 per month per user. There is also a 14-day free trial.

10. TopTracker

TopTracker is a time and invoice management app that is specially targeted at freelancers and remote workers. It facilitates payment processing and is platform-agnostic, working for all freelancers irrespective of which freelancing marketplace they use.


Easy Payment Processing

Users can generate invoices using the app and request their employers to clear due payments. The latter are handled by an external payment processor.

Focus & Productivity Boost

The TopTracker time tracker utility is designed to be unobtrusive and will not interrupt the user’s everyday workflow. The timer can be started and stopped easily using hotkeys. 

Screenshots & Activity Tracking

The app will take screenshots and track activity levels on the computer. This is valuable data that is often required by employers and managers. 


TopTracker is free to use at the moment without any constraints on the number of projects. 


Employee time tracking tools are among the most commonly used software both by startups and enterprises. These apps can yield important data and insights which can greatly facilitate decision making, helping significantly boost productivity at the workplace.