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7 Sensational benefits to offer your employees

All companies have some mandatory benefits for their employees. Your company could stick out as one that goes above and beyond for your employees

Your middle managers and above should all have mandatory vacations included in their contracts Once or twice a month you should have coffee with all of your upper management Include a game room in your building

By: Jane Hurst, writer & editor, San Francisco, CA.

People who are looking for jobs are also looking for a company that appreciates them and their needs. A company that takes care of their employees tends to have a higher retention rate. To hold onto your best employees here are seven sensational benefits to offer your employees.

1. Mandatory vacation – Your middle managers and above should all have mandatory vacations included in their contracts. An upper level employee needs to take time off to recharge. One big problem in middle management is taking on too much responsibility and getting burned out. Show your managers you care by making them take paid time off. Your managers will come back refreshed and clear headed. They will be less stressed and less likely to burn out. This will add up to more productive management for your company.

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2. Coffee and Conversation – Once or twice a month you should have coffee with all of your upper management. Rent some espresso machines or cater a coffee time that can include a brunch. You can use this time to connect with your upper management and discuss company strategies or find out ways you can improve the work environment. Your employees will feel appreciated and heard and their ideas can be used to create a better working environment overall.

3. Overtime while sick – One major perk you can offer your employees is overtime when they work from home while they are under the weather. Working when you are not feeling well can be hard and stressful. You are sick and trying to get your head in order. If your employees know they are getting paid overtime to work from home while they are sick that will give them the incentive to rise to the top and do the best they can do.

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4. Presents – Giving your employees presents on their birthdays or for major life events can help build up their trust and willingness to work for you. One idea is to give an engaged person a gift certificate for their first wedding dance lesson. You can also give certificates to local restaurants for peoples birthdays and a large floral bouquet for anniversaries. The gifts are up to you. Your employees will know that you care about them and their happiness. This will build up company morale.

5. Game Room – Include a game room in your building. You can put a foosball table, a ping pong table and a place to play board games in that section. This is a great way for your employees to blow off steam and to refocus on their ideas. A bit of friendly competition is a great way for your employees to bond. Relaxation will help your employees be more creative and willing to work.

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6. Paid Leave for New Parents – A new parent needs time to bond with their baby. They also need to know that their income will help support them at this time. Giving a parent paid leave to spend time with their newborn will help them relax and get their new life in order. Having a new baby is a huge upheaval in a persons life. Knowing that they will still be paid while adjusting to everything will be a great help to your employees.

7. Healthy Snacks – Providing your employees with healthy snacks will help them stay fit and awake during the day. Having a healthy snack around means they are less likely to eat fast food or unhealthy snacks. Healthy snacks promote a healthy workplace. The healthier your employees are, the happier they will be. Take time to promote a healthy lifestyle in your office and your employees will thank you for it later.