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Exclusive: Feel and look younger, live pain free, fast, with Stem Cell therapy in Dubai

Regenerative therapy using Stem Cells is now in Dubai. Get your health and life back in no time

In our Stem Cell therapy protocol, there have been no side effects for 12 years since we’ve been offering them Stem Cells are anti-inflammatory, increase blood flow, help grow new blood vessels, stop cell death, as well as help grow new tissues Stem Cell therapy is not yet covered by insurance. It can cost anywhere from $10K to $45K, depending on the type of treatment and differs from patient to patient

Stem Cell Therapy is one of the most novel advances in medicine when it comes to aesthetics and management of chronic disease.

And now Dr Steven Victor,  American Board-Certified Specialist in Regenerative Medicine and Regenerative Cosmetic Dermatology with over 30 years’ experience in researching, developing and providing treatment through Stem Cell therapy for various chronic diseases and beauty treatments, became the only DHA licensed Physician in Regenerative Medicine in UAE.

In an exclusive interview, Dr Victor describes the miraculous nature of the treatment, especially the fast turnaround period from when you are administered Stem Cells to the time wellness and rejuvenation take effect.  

“In our Stem Cell therapy protocol, there have been no side effects for 12 years since we’ve been offering them. The reason is that we are using your own cells, do not add anything and we do not grow cells,” states Dr Steven.

 Dr Steven is a clinical expert in ground-breaking anti-ageing and cellular therapy technologies creating safe, minimally invasive treatments that aid patients to live a longer, healthier, more beautiful life. To date, he has treated over 900 patients successfully.

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What is Stem Cell Therapy

Stem Cell Therapy is a process where your own Stem Cells are used to repair your body. Stem Cells are found in the capillaries in all of your body, and they can transform into new tissue. They also have cytokines that are anti-inflammatory, increase blood flow, help grow new blood vessels, stop cell death, as well as help grow new tissues.

“We have treated many patients from Aesthetics and Rejuvenation to Orthopaedics – every joint in the body, Diabetes, Neurological conditions such as Autism, Concussion, Alzheimer’s and Multiple Sclerosis,” informs Dr Steven.

Stem Cell therapy works by reversing the process which means the disease/health problem can improve supporting the body to heal itself. The disease is not necessarily cured; however, the patient can get back their quality of life.

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Why Stem Cell therapy in Dubai?

“From 2008 to about 3-4 years ago, we had 200-300 patients coming to New York from the Middle East for Stem Cell therapy,” said Dr Victor.

Three years later, and following continuous talks with Dubai Health Authority (DHA), Dr Victor got approval to practice in 2018. 

“Been at it for 1 year and now we are 6-12 months away from finishing the Dubai Stem Cell rules & regulations that doctors have to follow if they want to do the practice here.”

He added: “I came here because there was a big need, and I had been coming to Dubai, Abu Dhabi and meeting patients in hotels and restaurants, doing consultations, and they would fly to NY for therapy. So this is much better for everyone.” 

Valiant clinic in Dubai City Walk

Dr Victor works out of the Valiant clinic in Dubai City Walk, “a very well run institution where we set up an FDA regulated Stem Cell lab, under DHA supervision.” 

What to expect from Stem Cell therapy?

“We do a lot of aesthetics, beauty, wellness and rejuvenation. We can make you look and feel younger intravenously, instead of invasive surgery. We do a lot of orthopaedics, making your pain go away, and greatly increasing your mobility,” details Dr Victor. 

“We also perform a lot of neurology, dealing with autism, concussions, Alzheimer’s, and Dementia. Our patients are those gave up on using traditional medicine that doesn’t work for them. So we have a term called: Unmet clinical needs. If you have a need and drugs don’t work or you don’t want surgery, you come to me.” 

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Stem Cell extraction and healing

Dr Victor explains that from 2 Ounces of fat, or 600 CCs, Stem Cells are extracted in the lab. 

“We have patented technology where we can extract Stem cells from the walls of the capillaries, which exist all over the body. These cells are inactive, but once we free them, their anti-inflammatory nature acts on all diseases and inflammations. They increase blood flow, heal injuries, grow new blood vessels, and stop cell death,” said Dr Victor. 

“They also grow new tissue, and we have grown heart muscles, cartilage in the knees, ACLs, hair, and nerves back, among others.” 

The therapy can treat back pain with clinical results achieved within 24 to 48 hours. 

“Facelifts cost the same as my procedure, but with mine, the skin looks better, you feel internally rejuvenated and with lightning speed recovery,” said Dr Victor. 

“I treated an 86 year old lady in NY, and she was back to work the next day looking 20 years younger and literally feeling younger after her facelift.”

How much does Stem Cell cost? 

Stem Cell therapy is not yet covered by insurance. It can cost anywhere from $10K to $45K, depending on the type of treatment and differs from patient to patient.

“It’s new and insurance doesn't understand it. We are trying to show insurance companies that if you get a knee replacement, which in the US costs $75K, it prevents you from working for 6 weeks, while we can do it at much cheaper prices and get you back to work within 2 days,” asserted Dr Victor. 

But why is the cost still high? 

“It’s expensive because we have to run the FDA lab under certain regulations and preserve safety procedures and sterility at all times,” explains Dr Victor.

“What will happen in the near future is that insurance companies will recognize that Stem Cell therapy, minus the beauty aspect, saves the system money and will cover it. Many patients are insured by their companies and we will be able to show these companies that we will not only reduce the cost, but the patient doesn’t need to be out of work for extended periods of time, like weeks or months. In 2 days, most will get better and back in commission.” 

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How safe are other Stem Cell procedures?

According to Dr Victor, therapies with embryonic Stem Cells are dangerous. 

“One person had fetal Stem Cells injected for rejuvenation purposes. He got paralyzed, then came to use for treatment and now he’s walking on a cane,” he said. 

“The problem with bone marrow and umbilical cords is that there are not enough Stem Cells (40% less than in capillaries) to be clinically effective.”

He also pointed out that the problem with growing Stem Cells, as some clinics do, “you don’t know what will happen to them. Will they mutate? You can give me Molly the sheep and I can clone it very easily. The problem is that the one I will make will die because of mutation.”

Dr Victor advises patients who opt for Stem Cell therapy to seek practitioners who use patients’ own, plentiful cells, for safer, more reliable results.