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kaykroo and Careem join hands to create a memorable Ramadan experience

kaykroo introduces seasonal brand, ‘Ramadaniyat’, available exclusively through the Careem app. Ramadaniyat will offer wholesome, home-cooked dishes and accompaniments as part of Iftar and Suhour combo meals

Select dishes to feature as part of Careem’s ‘Eat a Plate to Fill a Plate’ initiative As part of the program, a donation of 50 cents will be made to the Share the Meal Foundation, for every item sold kaykroo is UAE’s largest cloud kitchen platform for virtual restaurants, and employs more than 400 employees

kaykroo, the UAE’s largest cloud kitchen platform for virtual restaurants, today announced the launch of ‘Ramadaniyat’, in partnership with Careem. Ramadaniyat is the first of kaykroo’s series of seasonal brands and will be exclusively available through the Careem app during the Holy Month.

Ramadaniyat will feature a variety of delicious, comforting, and nutritious daily Iftar and Suhour combo meals, which can be mixed and matched to suit all cravings.  Customers ordering a Ramadaniyat Iftar meal will be able to choose from a selection of seven main dishes, including home-cooked classics such as Lamb Mansaf, Shish Barak, Mulukhiyah Chicken, and Sayadieh Salmon. These will be accompanied by a soup, fresh salad, dessert, dates, and a Ramadan drink.  

Meanwhile, those opting for the Suhour combo will enjoy their choice of seven wraps, including Chicken Shawarma, Kafta Hummus, Turkey and Cheese, and Halloumi, which will be served with a house salad, appetizer, and dates.  An additional side order and beverage options will also be available.

Jihad El-Eit, Founder & CEO of kaykroo, said: “Our customers have always been at the heart of everything we do, and every brand or concept we introduce caters to a specific community. In this case, we wanted to build something special for those observing Ramadan, at a time that is all about bringing people together and sharing meals. The team at Careem share these customer-centric values, so we knew this would be the perfect partnership to help launch our first seasonal brand.”

In addition, Ramadaniyat and other brands under the kaykroo portfolio, such as Manoushe Street, Fern El Balad, Wrapped, SODO Pizza, or Susuru Japanese Street Food, will participate in Careem’s ‘Eat a Plate to Fill a Plate’ initiative.  As part of the program, a donation of 50 cents will be made to the Share the Meal Foundation, for every item sold within a select category during the Holy Month. The donation will go towards providing meals for children in need across the region.

Ibrahim Manna, Managing Director of Markets at Careem, said: “Ramadan is an exceptional month for Careem as it was the month in which we were founded. The ‘Eat a Plate to Fill a Plate’ is a program allowing Careem customers and merchants in the UAE to donate to someone in need. The exclusive partnership with kaykroo is in line with fulfilling our purpose to simplify and improve people’s lives.”

“By joining hands with Careem on this initiative, we are committing to the wellbeing of children in need but also to the values shared by our community. By ordering a Ramadaniyat combo meal, or one of the select items from our other brands, our customers will have the opportunity to bring light to someone’s life this Ramadan,” Mr. El-Eit continued.

For more information about Ramadaniyat and the full menu on offer, please download the Careem app.

About kaykroo

kaykroo is a UAE-based macroscale cloud kitchen business. Led by a team that has been operating in the F&B industry for over a decade, the food-tech company has now become the largest marketplace for virtual restaurants in the country.  The data-driven ‘brick & click’ platform is the crossroads where technology meets nourishment, modern meets traditional, creativity meets efficiency, and scalability meets profitability.  

Launched in September 2020, the kaykroo team is comprised of more than 400 employees, including a delivery fleet of over 100 valets, and 15 cloud kitchens and brand residences across the UAE.  The range of experiences offered by kaykroo currently include:

Manou’she Street: the popular Middle Eastern restaurant that serves authentic Levantine food with a modern twist

The Good Bowl: the eatery that brings you a range of nutritious and delicious salads with all-natural ingredients

Bak Bak: the home of flavourful, satisfying chicken sandwiches and mouth-watering sides

Wrapped: the concept that puts a variety of healthy wraps center-stage for lunch, dinner or as a snack

Fern El Balad: the neighborhood bakery specializing in over-baked goodness, from flatbreads and pies to pitas and pockets

Hummus Brothers: the team that is mad about hummus and creatively incorporates this superfood into a range of irresistible bowls and wraps

SoDo: the marriage between pizza and sourdough, with an irresistible variety of toppings

The Vegan Table: the very best of vegan comfort food to soothe your souls (non-vegans welcome!)

Susuru: the aromatic bowls that invite you to slurp your choice of noodles, sauces, and toppings

Seven Spisiz: the trip down memory lane that shares the delights of Middle Eastern kitchens and their plant-based, vegetarian roots

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