Complex Made Simple

KFH’s innovative investment products reinforce future planning

Kuwait Finance House (KFH), the world leading Islamic financial institution, offers KFH clients and those who wish to plan correctly for their future an array of innovative investment plans that reinforce the culture of planning for the future, and assist in savings for education, marriage, youths’ projects and retirement.

The investment plans that are flexible, long-term and yield high investment rates are “Jameati” for education, “Rafaa” for marriage, “Enjaz” for youths’ projects, and “Thimar” for retirement. The client targets a sum of money that he wishes to collect in the future ranging from KD 4-120 thousand, and through an organized plan, this sum of money is saved during a specific time frame over monthly installments ranging from 2-39 years according to every plan’s terms and conditions. Accumulative sums of money are invested, and clients receive annual investment profits. In addition, the investment plans enjoy ensuring Takaful coverage, be it full coverage or partial one. It is worth noting that clients can withdraw from their plan’s account starting from the second year of the investment period.

Also all the investment plans provide the client with full flexibility in adjusting the amount to be invested or monthly installments at any time, as the client can deposit random payments in addition to monthly payments without affecting the schedule for the investment plan or target amount.

“Jameati” investment plan is tailored to meet parents’ aspiration in paying their children’s university education fees when they are 18 years old, while “Rafaa” is designed to cover marriage expenses and it assists in the early family planning and parents’ planning for their children. Moreover, “Enjaz” is a multipurpose investment plan that caters for the youth’s aspirations and ambitions by allowing them to plan for their future and achieve their goals by running their own businesses and projects or purchasing a house etc. Furthermore, “Thimar” contributes in offering restful and comfortable retirement life for clients, who can receive the targeted amount with all investment profits accrued by the end of the investment plan period identified by them.

Such innovative products match KFH’s strategy to lead the Islamic banking products and services, in order to achieve clients’ investment goals, cater for their aspirations and secure their future. This prompts KFH to spare no effort in continuously seeking to develop its products and improve its services as per clients’ requirements and needs.