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Learn to Love the Job that You Have

If you learn to love the job that you have, life becomes so much easier to achieve this seemingly unachievable balance

Find Your True Calling Take Short Breaks It’s Okay If You Can’t Do It All

By: Shefali Karani: Indian-American Author  of “Own It! Love What You Already Have”

We always seem to be constantly struggling with that work-life balance and whether we are happy at our jobs or not because of that. If you learn to love the job that you have, life becomes so much easier to achieve this seemingly unachievable balance.

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Find Your True Calling

If you know what your life’s purpose or true calling is, then only can you find a job that you like. It should be something that you’re passionate about. Once you have an idea of what is your true calling, you’ll also realize how much your job matches this ideal. When I was in high school, it was only during my senior year did I realize what my true calling was and based on that I chose my major at university.

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Take Short Breaks

Sometimes, we can be overwhelmed by the amount of work we have and then can feel like we’re burnt out. This is when we need to take a short break. It can even be a short break at your office desk, by just taking a few deep breathes to clear your mind for the day, or even a quick walk to a nearby café. We also need to unwind and distress once we come home from work. If our minds our constantly running, and we don’t take a break when go home, we can start becoming a bit unhappy with our jobs for no reason. We need to take out some time for ourselves whenever possible so that we can then focus on our work. When I was doing my MBA, I hardly had anytime to focus on my work. I mostly focused on trying to finish whatever work was required to graduate. I had very little time for me to spend on my own or with my sister, who was also living in the same apartment at the time. But, I made it work by taking breaks in between my classes to cook dinner for us or even go get a cup of coffee with my friends. Taking a break helps you relax and helps you focus.

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It’s Okay If You Can’t Do It All

There might be a day where we can’t even achieve everything that we wanted to do. That’s when we need to take a step back and say that it’s okay that we didn’t finish everything. If we set such high expectations for ourselves all the time, we also set ourselves up for failure since we’re also expecting too much from ourselves. This can also affect how you feel about the work that you do. Just remember, we’re only human and it’s alright. Know that at least we did as much as we possibly could, and that is something to be grateful about.

You can learn to love the job that you have if you know what your true-calling is, take short breaks from the tasks at hand, and accept the fact that we can’t be superhumans and do everything all the time. The work-life balance is what makes all the difference.

Author Bio

Shefali Karani is the author of “Own It! Love What You Already Have” of which all book proceeds go toward good causes. She is an executive at her family’s business, and board director for two other companies. She’s an alumna of Columbia Business School in NYC and Drexel University. She lives in Dubai with her husband and continues to travel for work.