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Salary package and standard of living reasons why people come to the Middle East: report

The Q3 2019 Michael Page Job Confidence Index illustrates the many reasons people come to work in the GCC, as well as market trends.

42% are motivated to seek another job as their current role isn’t offering opportunities for further development Top channels people trust with their job search include professional networking platforms, recruitment firms and personal networks 36% expect to live in the region for more than 10 years

Report by Michael Page

How are job seekers actually feeling about their chances of securing a new role, landing a pay rise or learning new skills? How positive do they feel about the economic situation? This is what we set out to discover with our Job Confidence Index, a global measure of how optimistic job applicants are about the current employment market.

“The Job Market Survey gives us the opportunity to track, follow and communicate candidate’s attitudes and motivations, every quarter. Our region continues to evolve and change affecting the volume and quality of employment opportunities, along with what factors are crucial in attracting and retaining top talent.” Leith Ramsay, Managing Director, Michael Page Middle East.

“There is more talent on the ground committing their careers and long term future to the region than ever before, so tax free salary is no longer enough to attract and retain the best people” shared Leith.

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He added “Whereas previously a salary increase when changing jobs was expected to be around 10–15% (sometimes more in certain sectors), candidates are now wanting more detail about career development plans and organisation culture, which also includes an approach to maintaining a flexible work environment.” 

A more detailed breakup of Middle East salary benchmarks can be found in the Michael Page 2019 Annual Salary Survey released earlier this year. The survey is based on the insights from actual placements made throughout the year in the region by our experienced consultants.

The Michael Page Job Confidence Index is a quarterly barometer that measures the perception of candidates about their job situation and the labour market. The data is collected on voluntary basis from candidates who applied for a job offer or submitted their CV on Michael Page. 

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