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OMA Emirates develops payment terminals and applications for AIM for QIC

Company provides Point of Sale Application and Encryption PIN Pads for insurance purchase

OMA Emirates-Solution Gulf, a provider of cutting edge technology for the payment industry announced the provision of an end-to-end system that will assist the region’s first Automated Insurance Machine (AIM), a self-service insurance purchase facility pioneered by Qatar Insurance Company (QIC) for its customers for easy insurance purchase.

The deal includes supply of AIMs payment terminals and scheme certified payment applications by OMA Emirates. As one of the first insurance companies to introduce this AIM, it is expected to increase sales channels and provide quick assistance for insurance purchases.

For smooth operations of the AIM, QIC is dependent on the self-service payment terminals supplied by OMA Emirates installed with scheme certified payment application to empower the customer to purchase insurance using their banking cards (credit/debit).

These terminals are equipped with smart card readers and an encrypted PIN Pad, which enable customers to enter the PIN to authenticate the transaction. The terminals connect to the host using standard security protocols to complete the purchase transaction. The solution provided by OMA Emirates not only caters to the seamless function of insurance purchase, but also adheres to the security and technology perquisites as mandated by the payment industry.

“It is an honour to be a part of a pioneering project by QIC in providing its customers with an end-to-end system that will assist insurance purchase from AIMs. We are in total control of their requirements with the precise Encryption PIN devices that are crucial for secured PIN entry when purchasing insurance without support staff. We are certain that this will pave way for many future projects that will work on the self-service format,” said Niranj Sangal, Group CEO, OMA Emirates – Solution Gulf.

“QIC continuously deploys resource and capital to develop its digital capabilities and firmly believes it to be an on-going part of the insurance business,” said Mr. Ali al Fadala, Senior Deputy Group President and CEO of QIC Group.

Mr. Fadala further added, “We are keen on providing our customers with technology savvy options for insurance purchase. Convenience, speed and safety are aspects that are very important and need to be considered at all times to match the current needs of the insurance market and we look forward to working with OMA Emirates in making this project a huge success.”