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The future of how we work- Statista

As we hurtle into a new decade, it might feel like everything around us is changing and the world of work is no exception

Robotics and AI look set to turn the way we work on its head with 18% of jobs at eventual risk of automation in Germany 37% of employee would work offsite if given the chance Better workplace lighting is linked to 15% less absenteeism

Author: Lottie

The way we work 

Global trends such as robotics and artificial intelligence look set to turn the way we work on its head with 18% of jobs at eventual risk of automation in Germany. In the more immediate future, the workforce is already undergoing transformation as ever-increasing numbers look for flexible working time, the option to work part time or to be self-employed. The recent Statista Trend Compass found that 79% of executives expected contingent and freelance workers to substantially replace full-time employees in the coming years.

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The Sanctuary of the Workplace

Together with Staples, we undertook a large-scale desk research project to look into the changing nature of workplaces, what employees expect from their employers as well as what encourages a productive workplace, even when this is located at home! Highlighting productivity was the focal point for the infographic, understanding how our senses can support and, in some cases, improve our ability to work constructively. The design aim was to create something that was visually easy to understand with supporting statistical data where available. Want to make your office more productive to support your work or the work of others? Then take a look.


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Ergonomics in the workplace

As part of a long-standing collaboration with Slovenian furniture house, Lesnina, we have developed a distinctive design style that combines photorealism with eye-catching illustrations. Instantly recognisable as a Lesnina infographic, this particular graphic showcases the best in ergodynamic office furniture. The design is the main feature and the surrounding facts and figures serve to support the overall message.