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The race for a COVID-19 vaccine is on: Will the UAE win?

Get ready for a COVID-19 vaccine. It's coming to a location near you

The target is to produce between 75 and 100 million doses next year in the UAE Moderna said it will not be ready to apply for emergency use authorization until at least November 25 With for Vaccines, customers will be able to design, build, integrate, and manage their vaccine programs end-to-end

In pursuit of ending the COVID-19 pandemic, many scientists and pharma companies are in a race not only to release a save vaccine which when inoculated would give humans the ability to produce antibodies to fight the Coronavirus but to also reap enormous profits, if not exceptional branding and fame.

Eager to go back to normalcy, people like you and I don’t really care. We just want the vaccine.

It’s very near.  

The UAE’s vaccine efforts 

According to Yahoo Finance, a United Arab Emirates company is nearing the end of Phase III clinical trials of a Chinese COVID-19 vaccine and hopes to manufacture it next year. 

The trial, which began in mid-July, is a partnership between Sinopharm’s China National Biotec Group (CNBG) and Abu Dhabi-based artificial intelligence and cloud computing company Group 42 (G42).

It has been administered to more than 31,000 people in the UAE, Egypt, Bahrain, and Jordan.

Results analysis and publication will happen in around two months.

The target is to produce between 75 and 100 million doses next year in the UAE.

Early results are showing it is safe, there is a general rise in antibodies for all the volunteers. 

The UAE’s tally stands at more than 101,000 infections and at least 435 deaths.

The UAE has a high per capita rate of COVID-19 tests, having carried out more than 10 million tests in a population of around 9.9 million, the government statistics authority says.

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A global push

According to CNN, the global push to develop a coronavirus vaccine is gathering pace. 

Moderna, a leading coronavirus vaccine maker, said this month it will not be ready to apply for emergency use authorization until at least November 25. Meanwhile, the US-based trial sites of another frontrunner, AstraZeneca, have placed testing on hold after a participant in Britain developed a serious illness last month. 

The stringent US safety protocols have shifted the so-called vaccine race in China’s favor. 

As of October, four of the 10 Covid-19 vaccine candidates that have entered Phase 3 clinical trials worldwide were developed by Chinese companies.

CNBG Chairman Yang Xiaoming said last month that the progress of its vaccines was going “faster than expected”, carrying out Phase 3 trials with a total of 42,000 participants.

“We’re only one last mile away from eventual success,” he recently told a bioindustry conference in the Chinese city of Wuhan. 

Each trial relies on about 30,000 healthy volunteers or more. Half get placebos, while the other half get the vaccine. Tests continue until enough cases can be tallied to show the illness rate is reduced by at least 50%.

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A virtual home for everything vaccine

The world is preparing to deliver one of the largest mass vaccination campaigns in human history, but managing the process of safely distributing effective COVID-19 vaccines to potentially billions of people will be extremely challenging, according to Salesforce, a global leader in CRM. 

With for vaccines, customers will be able to design, build, integrate, and manage their vaccine programs end-to-end, with a platform that is trusted, flexible, and can be deployed quickly.

There will be many challenges to manage complex vaccine administration from start to finish. Demand for vaccines will likely be greater than initial supply, delivery, and logistics issues could lead to supply chain interruptions and health agencies will need to quickly determine eligibility prioritization. 

Once the vaccine is ready to be administered, a mass outreach, coordination, and scheduling campaign will be needed. Organizations will also need a process to monitor people’s outcomes and experiences after receiving the vaccine, which will be critical for helping health agencies and organizations to assess the potential safety and efficacy of their vaccine program.

 “Technology is going to play a critical role in helping governments and healthcare organizations distribute what promises to be billions of doses of vaccines around the world,” said Bret Taylor, President and COO of Salesforce.  

1. The Public Health Command Center will provide a single dashboard that gives a comprehensive view of vaccine management data, delivering the ability to make data-driven decisions and take action when needed.  

2. The Vaccine Inventory Management will help organizations assure the availability and maintenance of adequate vaccine doses, syringes, and PPE stock levels to meet public health needs, and accurately forecast demand and help reduce wastage and avoid surpluses that could be deployed elsewhere. 

3. The Vaccination Appointment Scheduling will help people easily schedule a vaccination appointment.

4. The Clinical Vaccine Administration will help ensure medical professionals are trained on vaccine administration before delivery and that pre-arrival screenings and approvals have taken place, helping to avoid onsite bottlenecks.  

5. The Vaccination Outcome Monitoring will help capture data on people’s experiences, health results, and outcomes following their vaccinations.