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The 2018 Range Rover Sport, an SUV driven to another level

The new Range Rover Sport will make its first appearance in the Middle East at the Dubai International Motor Show on November 14, 2017, according to a statement released by the company.

“Every Range Rover Sport has an enhanced design, and features new consumer technology. The flagship Range Rover SVR now delivers 575PS, making it the fastest Range Rover to date. This is an SUV driven to another level of dynamic capability, with breadth of appeal and desirability like no other,” said the statement.

The British-designed, engineered and built Range Rover Sport has sold more than 732,000, since it was introduced in 2004. Its unrivalled mix of refinement and exhilarating performance has starred on TV and in movies around the world.

Design-enabled technologies

“When we started the design process with this new Range Rover Sport, it was important that we maintained its sporting prowess, while evolving the exterior design. The addition of design-enabled technologies, such as our new infotainment system and the LED headlights, demonstrate our drive towards even greater desirability for the customer,” said Gerry McGovern, Chief Design Officer at Land Rover.

In 2018, the exterior has evolved to harmonise and modernise the design, making the Range Rover Sport look more dynamic, without changing its character, described the statement.

At the front, the striking new design is enabled by intelligent Pixel-laser LED headlights, sitting alongside a redesigned grille. This is complemented by a new bumper with a more aggressive profile.

Inside the cabin, the new Touch Pro Duo infotainment system, called ‘Blade’ by its developers, is the most advanced ever created by Jaguar Land Rover, and is truly state-of-the-art: two high-definition 10-inch touchscreens form the centrepiece of the minimalist cabin, blending a futuristic, elegant feel with an intuitive, engaging interface and unrivalled functionality.

In-car connectivity is enhanced with up to 14 power points, including a domestic plug socket to keep laptops and other devices topped up.

The introduction of the Jaguar Land Rover Activity Key also brings new levels of convenience to the Range Rover Sport, allowing customers to lock and unlock their vehicle without the need to carry a key fob, which is ideal for outdoor pursuits.

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Other features

The new Range Rover Sport has been enhanced with further technologies for greater comfort and convenience:

  • Gesture sunblind, opened and closed by an advanced gesture control system, which senses an occupant’s hand movement. All it takes to open the blind is a rearward swipe in front of the rear view mirror, and forwards to close.
  • Advanced Tow Assist takes care of the difficult counter-steering, required to position trailers accurately when reversing. The driver can simply guide the trailer into the desired space using the rotary controller for the Terrain Response 2 system.
  • Pixel-laser LED headlights provides greater luminance, and intelligently blanks sections of LEDs to avoid dazzling oncoming drivers.