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5 must-do water activities in the Maldives

* Maldives has abundant sunshine and both dry and wet seasons

* Perfect for water activities throughout the year

* Scuba diving and snorkeling most popular

Maldives is the perfect example of the sunny side of life, as the land is blessed with a breathtaking amount of sunshine and enjoys a blend of dry and wet seasons.

The amalgamation of the hot and humid weather with cool sea breezes and periodic rain is perfect for water activities throughout the year.

If you’re visiting Maldives soon, here are five water activities you absolutely need to try out, as these will certainly create unforgettable memories and fun stories you can always share with friends.

Scuba diving

Scuba diving is open for beginners and pros alike in Maldives. There are hundreds of diving schools and centres offering world-class diving courses.

Diving centres offer the services of PADI licensed instructors, who teach visitors the active sport of scuba diving. Once you complete an open water dive course or scuba diver course in Maldives, you will be certified to dive anywhere in the world, as these courses are licensed by PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors).


Snorkeling in the Maldives is an uncomplicated activity that everyone can enjoy. You do not have to be a great swimmer to be a snorkeler. Trainers at resort islands and other tourist establishments are always available.

Other thrill-seeking water sports

All of the resorts and guesthouses provide unlimited access to exciting water sports activities.

These include canoeing, catamaran sailing, water skiing, fun tube, kayaking, wakeboarding, Jet Ski tours, parasailing, banana boat towing, windsurfing, snorkeling, kite surfing and knee boarding.

Modern technology has played a key role in introducing revolutionary new concepts as well.

It is a combination of the great climate and exciting activities that makes the Maldives an attractive destination, visited by surfing enthusiasts from around the world annually.

Underwater spa

The first underwater spa in the world was created in the Maldives in a resort in North Male Atoll. It has two glass-walled underwater treatment rooms with panoramic views of a coral reef and curious fish, and a soothing design inspired by the colours and textures of the sea. The signature underwater spa experience lasts for three hours.

Today, resort islands around the Maldives all offer the serene view of water at their spas.

Underwater scooter

An underwater scooter yields a unique thrill for non-divers and even non-swimmers.

These scooters were invented to provide the thrills of scuba diving without cumbersome gear such as a weight belt or strapped tank. The scooter has a self-contained breathing environment that makes it natural and comfortable to breathe as it travels underwater at a depth of five metres, with a speed of approximately two kilometres per hour. The scooters are powered by electric batteries and are available for one or two passengers.