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5 tips for career success

Wanting to progress and succeed in your career is quite different to knowing what you actually need to do to achieve said success and improvement.

Internationally renowned German Architect Medy Navani has 5 tips to provide you with a launching pad for reflection and self-improvement in your career.

Find your passion

The first and most important requirement in being successful in your career is to have a passion for what you do. Without the excitement of getting out of bed in the morning to do a job you love, you are ultimately never going to push boundaries that are required to be the best you can be. It is ok to take the time to find what drives you and to try a variety of jobs in different fields. Each will bring you closer to finding the one best suited to you and where you will be able to shine brightest.

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All industries are constantly evolving, with technologies and trends coming and going. Be a sponge and learn as much and as frequently as possible. Take seminars, find a mentor, and read industry-relevant material. Through continual learning, we grow. Many companies now provide employees with annual training programmes to ensure they are up to date with industry skills. Take advantage of all the learning outlets you have at your disposal and then put your new skills into practice.

Expand your horizons

Your network of associates, both within the company you work for and in the general industry, are a great way to attain career success. Taking the time to build relationships will provide you with many more opportunities and can open doors on your path to progression. Meet as many people as you can and create connections. Liaise with your colleagues, attend networking events, and use professional social platforms such as Linkedin to increase your presence. You never know who you might meet and where these acquaintances might be able to take you in your career.

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Show the initiative

Some say dress for the job you want, not the job you have. I say to perform the job you want. Show your superiors that you are willing to take the initiative by coming up with new ideas, starting and managing projects, and anticipate potential next steps. As mentioned previously, implementing new skills your company has provided to you will also show you are taking full advantage of your opportunities. Let your enthusiasm grab the attention of those who have the power to provide advancement and you will be on your way to career success.

Criticize yourself

Self-evaluation is important for progression. Take the time to be map out areas you are strong and those that might need work. No one is perfect but if you understand your strengths and weaknesses, you are already miles ahead on finding ways to improve yourself. Set up a development meeting every few months with your supervisor and ask them to provide constructive feedback. You will then always know where you stand and be able to set goals in order to ensure you are continuing on the right track.

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