Complex Made Simple

55 years of MINI Cooper

To celebrate the 55th anniversary of MINI, Aficionado looks back at the British icon’s historical timeline.

The year 1959 marks the beginning of the epic MINI story; the first model is made public and available for sale. The concept is simple, a small car with a sporty look, four seats and low gas consumption.

The car’s success was immediate, it quickly became a phenomenon and the brand ran out of stock several times during the first production periods.

Later on, the MINI was chosen to compete in rally races around the world and the Oxford four-seater gained fame around the world. The MINI Cooper was born.

In 1994, the brand was bought by the BMW group, who redesigned the car but kept its roots and identity.

Aficionado had the opportunity to test-drive the 2014 MINI Cooper S John Cooper and we really appreciated the direction the brand is taking.

In terms of design, the car has a sporty aggressive look but keeps everything in balance with soft lines and round head and taillights.

The interior of the car is very comfortable with leather ergonomic seats making the driving experience even more immersive.

“Another new innovation and brand debut is MINI Driving Modes, an optional extra on the new MINI Hatch. Using a rotary switch at the base of the gearstick or selector lever, drivers can swap from the default MID mode to either SPORT or GREEN. The three choices offer a set-up which is performance-oriented, comfortable and well-balanced or geared towards fuel efficiency,” says the BMW Group. These new modes give the driver the opportunity to make the most of the MINI’s power.

The suspension in the new MINI has been revised by the BMW research and development team. A new single-joint spring strut axle at the front and a multi-link axle at the rear intensify the MINI’s unique handling properties.

Overall, this model is staying close to the company’s roots and history making the Iconic Oxford native one of the best models in its category.