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A Drive Through Germany

If you’re looking for something different to experience this summer, Aficionado recommends going on an unforgettable road tour of Germany.

Rocco Forte Hotels and Elite Rent-a–Car offer a remarkable holiday for any car enthusiast : an exclusive five day tour in the latest supercar to discover some of the country’s most stunning landscapes in style.

Famed for its autobahns, Germany makes for the perfect driving holiday.

It all starts at The Charles Hotel in Munich, where you can pick the car of your choice, be it the Lamborghini Gallardo, the Ferrari 485 Spider or the Porsche Carrera 911. Following a briefing, you will be hitting the road to Stuttgart for a visit to the Mercedes-Benz Museum from where you can enjoy the country’s oldest scenic drive with medieval castles, century old abbeys and several ruins of Roman cellars and taverns.

After a restful stay in the luxurious suites at Villa Kennedy in Frankfurt, the journey continues to Berlin via the Sanssouci Palace, a major work of Roccoco architecture built above a terraced vineyard and once the summer residence of Frederick the Great.

When in Berlin, you will be able to explore many of the German capital’s sights such as the Brandenburg Gate, the Pergamon Museum and the Reichstag before checking into your suite at Hotel de Rome: a perfect end to an unforgettable driving adventure.