Complex Made Simple

Al Huzaifa Furniture’s Abu-Dhabi showroom displays it’s new stylish collection

Al Huzaifa Furniture, the region’s most appealing brand of furniture couture known for their high quality and a distinct range of classic, modern and contemporary furniture, have added to their collection to their recently launched showroom in Abu Dhabi owing to increasing demand and positive customer feedback.
The new branch in Abu-Dhabi on Hamdan Street, is all about accessibility and convenience to the residents of Abu – Dhabi, indeed closer which saves their time and effort.
Established in 1976, Al Huzaifa Furniture continues to keep its customers in step with global trends, catering to high individual tastes and preferences. Every product conforms to the utmost demanding European specifications.
The new showroom collection displays its finest collections of classical and contemporary fusion furniture with some elegant, fluid and enviable design styles where luxury is woven through soft fabrics.
Further, the General Manager of Al Huzaifa Furniture, Mr. Walid Saad said, “We are extremely delighted to launch our latest collection of Huzaifa Furniture, which already has showrooms in Dubai and Sharjah, and hence our offering has varied collection of contemporary and classic furniture, with a Signature Classic line in the store featuring rich and intricate show pieces in steel, brass and ceramic as well. We shall continue providing high quality furniture and home decor keeping in latest fashions and trends.”

The graceful and elegant new collection is available in different forms of items with wide range of designs and shades:
White Erin sofa set
The white soft-looking yet sleek polished sofa set looks amazing to hold that stylish shape and design which all the more adds a perfect touch of elegance to any house to enjoy peaceful time with family and friends.

Antique Luxury Line Chair
This perfect combo of royal dark blue and bronze-silver design would give a classy look towards having a wonderful dine with family and friends, adding a touch of lavishness.

Modern Intersection Wall Décor
This multi-sober colored wall décor with pointer intersection pieces is just right to make one’s home wall appear picture perfect with its unique, innovative and artistic design.

Valerie Sofa Set
This rust tinted leather sofa set is one of a kind when it comes to displaying imperial yet subtle look to a house. It’s a definite ‘yes’ for a comfortable and classy feel that it instills in any environment.