Complex Made Simple

Al Huzaifa fuses freshness in craft of fine furniture in Abu Dhabi

Al Huzaifa launches exciting designs to their Renata collections, for lamps and lights.

Al Huzaifa, one of Dubai oldest furniture showrooms, adds new contemporary designs to its luxury fashion range.

Established in 1976, with a rich heritage of furniture fashion, Al Huzaifa Furniture offers exciting collections across diverse genres. Each piece is sculptured with passion and the insight that’s refined over three decades of defining luxury furniture couture in the region.

This month Al Huzaifa launches exciting designs to their Renata collections, for lamps and lights. It is true what they say about their collection, “Lamps that light up the room, even when switched off.” They take pride in their stunning union of amazing light fixtures. You can call it a whole new renaissance of artistic sensibility. Graced with the style Al Huzaifa is known for, the beautiful Renata collection is sure to create those truly illuminating moments. The sheer metal lamps, with gold and silver plated, add the aesthetic richness to your room.

The fabric used on the lamps is picked from their beautiful collection of contemporary colours and pattern. Al Huzaifa designers work closely with each décor and customize the furniture selections into an autobiography. Every piece is carefully planned and you can pick from their beautiful collections to add even more richness to the story.

A picture speaks a thousand words and when you have breath-taking paintings, every little piece of the puzzle just falls together. These pieces of décor are the little things that stitch your design together. They are passionately created from the most amazing materials and most important of all imagination. Check out their Object’s Darts collection of delightful accessories created with just one purpose in mind: to blow yours.

These gold plated masks are perfect for the contemporary and unique living room. With perfect lightings from the Renata collection they will add a dramatic effect to your house.

Al Huzaifa is the leader in contemporary designs but past of them is an inspiration. Their Signature Classic collections speak even more beautifully. The classics collection comes from the part of the timeline from which beautiful things flow in graceful curves and glorious flourishes. This classic ivory and satin blue chair can truly be called ‘revival art’ but with an original style. The ivory mirror and the white dresser influence the majestic essence of the room.