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Al Sorayai Carpets reveals latest luxury products to industry professionals in Dubai

The furnishings and textiles company held a business dinner on the sidelines of Index 2015.

Al Sorayai Group, one of the world’s leading companies in carpets, rugs and furniture, now ranked 14th in the world, recently hosted a business dinner at the Conrad Hotel Dubai, during which the company gathered a group of industry professionals and clients from various government and private sectors in the GCC and Middle East region, including engineering consultants, flooring and carpet designers, and an elite group of international experts who are visiting the UAE.

The gathering was held on the sidelines of the International Index Exhibition (Index) 2015, which took place in Dubai from May 18th to 21st.

Al Sorayai Trading & Industrial Group presented its latest collection of carpets, rugs and moquettes for 2015 and revealed its recent expansion after being awarded a contract to supply and install furniture and carpets in Shuaa Capital’s Centro hotels in Jeddah and Riyadh. The company won the contract among many international high-profile bidders.

Abdullah Hamdan Al Sorayai, General Manager of Export Sales in Al Sorayai Group, said, “There are so many elements of success for Al Sorayai Group, of which our superior and distinctive products are just one. This excellence did not come from a vacuum—our brand has managed to stand out among competitors and to build a strong reputation during our 62 years of operation. In essence, we operate within a flexible market. We would like to extend thanks to all supporters and clients, and welcome all comments and suggestions that help us in developing our goods.”

In his speech, Abdullah Hamdan Al Sorayai stressed that the Group will continue to meet the standards of quality and to reaffirm its reliability and commitment to innovation.

He highlighted the value of the Group’s strategic location in the KSA: “Saudi Arabia consumes about 70 million metres of moquette annually and is the world’s third largest manufacturer of carpets and moquette, with a total production volume of 120-130 million square metres of carpets and moquette annually. Moquette manufacturing accounts for more than 51 percent of the total textile industry in the KSA, and is exported to over 75 countries across the world. The production of this floor covering significantly supports the Group’s business.”

The banquette’s attendees represented numerous engineering firms and industry experts, including Al Awafi Furniture, Al Arabia Company, Al Khaleej Flooring, Hussain Trading Company, Al Saif Al Masi Company and many more.