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Bassam Fattouh on latest beauty products

Popular Lebanese make-up artist discusses his new line

Lebanese makeup artist, Bassam Fattouh discusses the new beauty products in his makeup line.

What are the latest Bassam Fattouh products in the market this season?

Let me tell you about the BB cream foundation, which is similar to the BB cream. This cream is set apart from the rest by its sublime quality that gives you a beautiful and thin layer, and spares you the need to use a foundation cream. It is very useful in the winter, as it moisturises the face and has an SPF of 25. It also matches and interacts with the acidity and alkalinity levels of the skin.


In addition, there is the moisturising light lipstick that comes in many natural colours and one in a shade of red. It keeps the lips from getting dry, which is useful especially in the Gulf states, and gives them a glimmering shine.


What motivated you to make your own line of cosmetics?

Ambition. I love feminine beauty and my ambition has always been to give women a cosmetic product that complements their skin and beauty.


What is the next step for Bassam Fattouh?

To make my products a trademark in the global market. That is all I am divulging at the moment, as it is my main concern. There are other projects that I will talk about when the time comes.


How well are your products selling in the region considering the global competition among trademarks?

They have been selling very well as shown by reports. The products have won customers’ hearts and minds.


Do you have Arab women in mind when you launch a new product?

That goes without saying. I target women in general, but Arab women, in particular. I would like to clarify that our trademark is characterised by its originality that is a reflection of us, in the sense that it strives to meet the taste of Arab women.


What qualities do you have to keep in mind when designing a new product?

First and foremost are product-specific qualities. What is unique about products is that every item just for the sake of its image. You consider not only the design of the product, but its use as well, that is how much use you can make of it. If we take our products as an example, they offer qualities that are really distinguished. When we say they are distinguished, we mean it and we deliver as promised. I offer my own experience and credibility with the products. That is what I keep in mind when I launch any of my products in the market.


What are the most salient trends in the makeup world this season?

Metallic eyes that give off a metallic shine. We will see a lot of them this season. I believe we will also see people using products that give their skins a gli