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BlackBerry gone wide

The Canadian mobile manufacturer unveils its latest device in a simultaneous launch in Toronto, London and Dubai.

The BlackBerry Passport is the latest addition to the brand’s portfolio. This new devices is all about productivity and targets business professionals as well as regular end users.

“How do you disrupt the market and create something fundamentally unique and be more productive? We saw there was a significant vacuum in this area,” explains Mark Wilson, senior vice president for global marketing at BlackBerry during the launch.

A square shaped phone exactly the size of a passport, a crystal clear display and 30 hours of battery, along with the BlackBerry 10.3 operating system, are only few of the features the device offers.

Powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8974 quad-core chip and 3 GB of RAM, the Passport is a powerhouse that will satisfy the professionals who spend their day multi-tasking on their devices.

BlackBerry also implemented a new type of personal assistant that can be voice activated or answer written commands. During the launch, it was compared to Siri on iPhone 6, and the BlackBerry assistant actually had a narrowlead over its opponent.

BES, BlackBerry’s flagship enterprise solution, has been improved and is safer than ever, offering a complete solution for professionals.

“In line with an increased focus on enterprise, we are also looking at various ways to expand our footprint there. We announced the next generation of BlackBerry Enterprise Service (BES). The new platform will enable organisations to develop enterprise-grade applications that are quickly deployed to BlackBerrySmartphones and other mobile devices,” explained Nick Horton, BlackBerry Middle East managing director earlier this year during an interview with Aficionado.

To conclude this launch, the Canadian firm introduced BlackBerry Blend, a new secure way to access all of your phone’s data from your tablets and computer in a secure and efficient way. This new product allows users to access, amend and share work emails and documents on the go, regardless of the operating system you are using, as long as you have your BlackBerry with you.

BlackBerry is targeting a corporate clientele with this new device and encourages them to leave the narrow screens of their iPhone or Galaxy for the wide display of the Passport.