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Bring a smile to someone’s face or yours: It’s International Happiness Day

Everyone feels a little gloomy on some days, but today that’s not the case.

March 20th is International Happiness Day, turning frowns upside down in many countries, although the UAE needed no help in that regard: it’s a happy nation!

To prove it, today the Emirates Diplomatic Academy (EDA) appointed the first Happiness Ambassador; in celebration of Happiness Day.

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Exporting happiness  

The EDA, UAE’s leading international relations and diplomatic institute, appointed Mayyasa Al Yammahi as Happiness Ambassador.

Dr. Nawal Al Hosany, Deputy Director General of EDA, said: “UAE was the first country to establish a Ministry of State for Happiness.” He added that “EDA is dedicated to supporting our government’s mandate to enhance happiness and positivity in our community.”

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Science-backed ways to be happy

One of the top ways to be happy today is to “eat healthy,” as reported by Psychology Today, saying that this improves your overall health and gives you more energy to smile.

We polled our workforce and found some interesting answers:

-Nisrine Mikhael, a Senior Editor at Saneou Al Hadath, said that “food” brought her the most happiness; specifically, “chocolate.” Chocolate is scientifically proven to make you happy.

Reported by Amano Chocolate, “Chocolate has a fat called Anandamide, which causes your receptors to produce Dopamine; making you extremely happy, and smiley”

This brings us to the next way to be happy; force yourself to smile, even if you don’t feel like it. Psychology Today says forcing a smile on your face will trick your brain into thinking you are happy.

“Spend smarter,” said Psychology Today, which means try and economize, so that if spending money on a less fancy car didn’t bring you much happiness, you should spend it on things that would actually lighten up your day; your friends, for example.

Spending more time with your friends, family or your pets can make you happy too.

-Elizabeth McGlynn, Editorial Director at Mediaquest, said that seeing her loved ones happy made her happy.

-Hadi Khatib, Deputy Editor at, said that his kids brought him the most joy.

-Personally, I’m happy when I’m cuddling with my cats or vice versa.