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Caddie-chic: Lacoste launches new golf-inspired collection

While it has long been associated with tennis, the French brand also has a history with another gentlemen’s sport, golf, which it centered its latest collection around.

Since the ’50s, Lacoste has been designing golf collections and dressed several champions such as José María Olazábal and Scottish golfer Colin Montgomerie.

This season, inspired by architecture, golf courses and sports, the brand decided to blend its golf heritage with a more modern approach and came up with the City Golf collection.

“The sharp aesthetic of the line, refined with strong detailing and premium fabrics, adapts City Golf from the green and club to both cool business and casual weekend leisure,” explained the brand in a statement following the launch of the City Golf collection.

In line with the latest fashion trends, the French brand showcases its talents through winter colours, such as burgundy or navy blue, in addition to earthy beige and army green.

The iconic polo was also redesigned; nothing too extreme, the curves and lines are tighter adapting the timeless polo to the brand’s new vision.

Winter is in focus in the City Golf collection; to face the harsh weather on the green or in the streets, Lacoste has been using wool and flannel in their parkas and jackets.

A collection wouldn’t be complete without accessories, and Lacoste is undoubtedly aware of that.  Leather bags and shoes are also featured to complete the ensemble.

“For men, Ryan is making a winter comeback in a chic combination of dark green and grey moleskine,” adds the brand in their statement. With winter – and, by association, winter getaway season – approaching, the City Golf collection offers the perfect compromise between a sporty and classy look.

While other brands drift away from their heritage, Lacoste holds on to its roots, building upon its rich history, yet always looking ahead, to come up with new and innovative collections.