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Café Bateel introduces traditional French Galettes for the month of January

Regal festivities at Café Bateel this New Year

Café Bateel invites guests to become king or queen for the day with the introduction of the popular French holiday cake, the “Galette” during the month of January.

Available across all Café Bateel outlets in the UAE from 3-31 January, patrons can immerse themselves in a signature French festive experience, enjoying this flavourful seasonal item, traditionally baked to mark the Epiphany celebrations.

The centre of each Galette holds a small toy, and the person finding it in their slice becomes “king” or “queen” for the night and is said to receive good fortune for the year ahead. To continue the festivities, he or she is then expected to buy the cake for the next get-together.

The Cafés will feature two varieties; Galettes Bordelaise, prepared in a Southern French style brioche and Galettes Des Rois, a Parisian-style puff pastry with almond cream. With a variety of different toys being distributed, each Galette promises a wonderful surprise. Guests will also receive gold crowns to wear as part of the celebrations.

Chef Jean-Luc Vila, General Manager Corporate Manufacturing & Development, said: “Café Bateel is committed to offering its customers exciting and seasonal experiences on a regular basis. We are proud to celebrate this popular French tradition with a continued uncompromising attitude towards quality. Our freshly baked Galettes are crafted on a daily basis with high grade ingredients to delight even the most hard to please connoisseurs.”

Galettes are available across all Café Bateel outlets in the UAE from 3 – 31 January, priced from AED65