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Chanel opens third boutique in Dubai

Chanel recently opened its third boutique in Dubai in the Fashion Dome of the Mall of the Emirates.

The conception of this new location was entrusted to New York architect Peter Marino who designed the 600sqm boutique to express the Parisian elegance and the timeless modernity of Chanel.

Once guests have entered the boutique, they are greeted by a space dedicated to handbags, but it is adjoining room displaying the range Chanel Watches that captures our attention. Next to it is their collection of Fine Jewellery, as well as an area devoted to some of the most exceptional pieces of the current Ready-to-Wear and accessories collection.

The House’s palette of white, black and beige is punctuated by artworks by Robert Greene, as well as two side tables by Christophe Côme and an elegant lamp by Laurence Montano.