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China’s PV industry eyes Middle East

Earlier this month, the EU imposed an initial 11.8% anti-dumping duty on Chinese photovoltaic (PV) imports into Europe. The rate will be further raised to 47.6% in two months, affecting more than US$20 billion worth of exports from Chinese PV firms and the livelihoods of more than 400,000 employees, according to Chong Quan, Deputy China International Trade Representative, Ministry of Commerce.

To address this challenge, several industry insiders have suggested that Chinese PV firms seek out new markets, including the Middle East, via platforms such as the China-Arab States Expo.

According to a report by NPD Solarbuzz, market demand for PV in the Asia Pacific region and the Middle East is forecast to increase to 13.5GW in 2013 and is expected to account for 6% of global PV demand by 2017.

Many Chinese companies have taken the lead in expanding into the Middle East. For China’s PV giants Suntech Power and Linuo, the Middle East has become an important component, while Yingli and JA Solar, among others, have also established a presence.

Bilateral trade between China and Arab countries exceeded US$200 billion for the first time in 2012, with the scope of cooperation expanding to new energy, high technology, tourism and halal food.