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Darwiche worldwide restaurant’s launched its first venture in Dubai

Meaning ‘same same’ in Moroccan slang, KifKif has recently opened its second branch at Jannah Place Dubai Marina.

Located in Nesaq street, KifKif Restaurant is an invitation for a delightful cultural escape to one of the most welcoming and friendly countries in the world: Morocco.

Meaning ‘same same’ in Moroccan slang, KifKif has recently opened its second branch at Jannah Place Dubai Marina. With a tiny indoor door dining space and plenty of tables and chairs outside, this little spot is throbbing with energy.

KifKif delicacies are created by a talented Moroccan chef who sublimes the classical and sophisticated dishes of the Moroccan cuisine, served by a friendly Moroccan staff, who are passionate about their profession and culture, contributing to enhance your dining experience with their expertise and generosity. To complete the unique atmosphere, guests are greeted with traditional Moroccan tea.

The menu boasts a generous selection of wholesome, tasty fare – from the salads served on a wooden picnic bench – to mini ‘tagines’ – the merguez sausage concoction in particular is delicious. Their khobz are as thick as burgers and make a great alternative, especially as they are twice the diameter, meaning they are easier to pick up with your hands and eat. They are well priced and contain good quality ingredients, and a flavored nicely.

Even the sky blue ethnic outfits that staff wears set the tone while staying just on the right side of clichéd. The food is mixed between fairly classic and expected styles of Moroccan dishes (such as couscous, tagine and grills) along with sandwiches and even burgers with Moroccan-inspired fillings. The restaurant invites you to embark on a journey of discovery through the flavors of the Moroccan gastronomy in an enchanting setting featuring authentic traditional Moroccan architecture.

Kifkif is the first venture of Darwiche Worldwide Restaurants. Darwiche Worldwide Legacy is renowned for great quality food and creative cuisine complimented with a focus on first class service. The group offers genuine care and exceptional products, and services in every major city of the world. The Darwiche Worldwide Legacy is also the parent brand of the award winning properties by Jannah Hotels & Resorts and Jannah Place.

Kifkif offers special lunch and dinner packages for the in-house guests of Jannah place Dubai Marina and Jannah Marina Bay Suites.