Complex Made Simple

Devji Aurum Celebrates their Fashion Line 2016

Paying Tribute to the Ancient Art of Ōübharia

Devji Aurum, a forerunner in the niche jewellery business recently dedicated their fashion line for 2016 to the true essence of handcrafted collection of masterpieces, where each piece narrates a truly inspirational story.

Calling the line, Ōübharia (oo-bha-ria), Devji Aurum pays respect to the delicate and age-old process of jewellery metal work by which hollowed out spheres or balls are hand crafted by skilled goldsmiths.

The art of crafting hollowed out spheres (Ōübharia) is a process that dates back to the earliest of times. Although, when seen in its completed form, it may appear to be evidently simple, the uniqueness of the Ōübharia and its process can only be understood and appreciated through the skilled craftsmanship of a selected group of goldsmiths that possess the knowledge and capabilities to preserve the essence of this age old technique, which has been proven to be passed down from generation to generation.

Commenting on this, Mahesh Devji, the Managing Director of Devji Aurum said, “We are extremely honoured to be able to pay tribute to the ancient art of Ōübharia. This particular type of craftsmanship is only known to a handful of skilled craftsmen, which is what makes this process all the more special and exquisite and in turn helps us build our legacy of high quality masterpieces. Devji Aurum constantly strives on creating majestic pieces that narrates a story.”


Devji Aurum, the exclusive luxury brand from Bahrain draws inspiration from its founder the Late Shri Devji RamjiSagar who dreamt of radiating excellence ever since he founded the company in 1950. Aurum carries on this legacy of high quality standards and meticulous eye to details understanding the client’s desires, the concept, size, article, color combination and the finish.