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Dive into a new flooded movie-watching experience

After Ferrari World Abu Dhabi and Warner Bros. world, Miral Asset Management, a holding company at Abu Dhabi, is bringing once again a whole new experience to the visitors of Yas Island.

Described as “An island of fun and adventure,” Yas Island offers all kinds of weird and exquisite experiences to its visitors, from Formula 1 racing experience to thrilling water rides, from shopping to fine dining restaurants.

You might be thinking, what can Miral offer to the visitors of Yas Island that isn’t already there?

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Well, hold your breaths because we are going underwater.

Introducing a first-of-its-kind attraction in the UAE; a new five-dimensional 5D cinema theatre: “Yas Waterworld Cinesplash,” Miral announced during the Arabian Travel Market in Dubai.

Yas Waterworld’s Cinesplash is set to open in June 2018.

This underwater cinema is unlike other cinema, it will be showing a 12-minutes short movie called “Legend of the Lost Pearl”, an award-winning UAE story.

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Get your bikinis and let’s go

Insydo Dubai, an online Dubai city guide, reported that Cinesplash will feature an array of aquatic special effects including spraying water, rain, waterfalls, neck blasts, water guns, and fountains, and 45-50cm of water will flood the theatre during the screening.

The theatre walls will also be outfitted with lighted bubbles and the ceiling will be accompanied by ground fog, leg ticklers, wind effects, and vibrating seats, it added.

Yas Waterworld’s Cinesplash

Launching in June 2018, Yas Waterworld’s Cinesplash is the UAE’s first  5D water adventure of its kind. The Middle East’s leading waterpark will bring to life its unique story inspired by the UAE’s rich pearl diving past. “Legend of the Pearl” is a story in which the audience will follow Dana, the main character, on an adventure to recover the Mother Pearl. The adventure will take guests on an 5D interactive journey through the adventures of Dana and her friends in their quest to find the Mother Pearl which had once brought prosperity to their village. Voiced in English and Arabic, the experience features impressive special effects never before experienced in a waterpark in the region.

Fun facts: Yas Waterworld’s Cinesplash

Yas Waterworld’s brand new 36-seat theatre area will house stimulating effects with an immersive experience will also include RGB lighted bubbles in the theatre walls and ceiling, ground fog, leg ticklers, wind effects, 3 degrees of motion, and seat vibrations.

Attraction Specs

1-Ride duration: 12 minutes

2- Capacity: 36 players, 4 shows per hour

3- Theatrical specs and effects include:

a) Multi Speed Platform

b) Motion waterproof SFX seats

c) 3DOF/3 axis mobility realistic motion

d) Vibration effects

e) Leg ticklers

f) Neck blas

g) Water spray

h)Water explosions

i) Rain

j) Waterfalls

k) Water guns

l) Fountains

m) Ground fog

o) Wind effects

p) Height restrictions: min/max TBC

q) Located near Souk Qaryat Al Jewana at Yas Waterworld

Pearl heritage

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The history of pearl diving in the UAE is ancient, with archaeologists finding evidence of this tradition dating back more than 7000 years ago, according to the Culture Trip, a global tech company that addresses culture and creativity.

The pearls of the UAE were one of the most sought-after accessories of the time.

Pearl diving offered seasonal if not full-time work for many local Emiratis, and many UAE families can still trace their fortunes back to the historic pearl diving their forefathers did, the culture trip explained.

Pearl diving was the basis for the founding of cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

The most top-ranking brands began their careers by using UAE pearls for prestige and quality insurance, like Cartier, said the Culture Trip.

Yas Island Waterworld

Recognized as the pearl in Yas Island’s collection of world class attractions, Yas Waterworld has won the hearts and minds of visitors from across the UAE and around the world thanks to an engaging themed experience that draws guests into a captivating world of escape. Recently voted the ‘Middle East’s  Leading Waterpark’ for 2018 at the World Travel Awards, Yas Waterworld guarantees both the young and the young at heart special memories with every visit in every season.

For more information, please call +971 2 414 2000 or visit