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Five minutes with Ghassan Jaber

Aficionado speaks with Peacock International Hotel Management’s founder and CEO about business and being named one of the top ten CEOs in the Middle East.

What was the inspiration behind Peacock International Hotel Management?

In 2001, I knew I had a concept and a unique idea that could change and revolutionise the way the industry works in the Middle East and North Africa, which is how Peacock International Hotel Management first began.

I was honoured to be included in the top ten list of CEOs in the Middle East by Career Intelligence because of that idea. That recognition makes me feel as though all I have accomplished and all of the struggles that I have been through in my career have been worth it. This accomplishment has now made my energy, creativity and hunger stronger than ever.

Which premium and luxury hotels do you manage in the region?

We recently opened the Montana Hotel Apartments in Al Barsha, Dubai, and we are currently working on converting a three-star hotel in Deira into a luxury four-star hotel by conducting a full renovation of the interior of the property, with an aim to open in July.

We are also working on the completion of a five-star hotel in Dubai that should be opening in December.

How has the company grown over the years?

Our company has grown from managing two hotels in 2007 to creating more than 12 different brands and hotels for different owners, as well as managing seven of our own. We have a unique concept, which is not based solely on being a management company, but also being able to take an empty shell and turning it into a fully functioning hotel, hotel apartment or hotel management company. The concept has been a great success over the past five years and has helped our client portfolio increase on a yearly basis.

What advice would you give hotels keen on establishing presence in the Middle East?

Ensure that you keep your standards high in order to ensure positive revenue at the end of the year. Remember that the guest is the only thing that matters because, in the end, we work for them.