Complex Made Simple

Five minutes with Saleh Al Banna

Aficionado speaks with co-founder of House of Nomad, Saleh Al Banna, about inspiration and the future of the label.

What was the inspiration behind House of Nomad?
We decided to put two creative minds together and come up with a ready-to-wear brand catering to individuals that can express their creativity through fashion that also carries a touch of our culture. We wanted to create something that was not completely local, but also not totally Western. We try to bring the best of both worlds with sweaters featuring Arabic calligraphy.

Your third collection is coming soon, what is different about it?
We usually tend to have a surprise element at the launch of every collection. We will obviously be introducing new fabrics with a definite twist on the colour palette. So, stay tuned.

What is your production process?
Our products are made in the UAE, so we make sure that everything is made here. For us, it is a way to show people that you don’t have to go all the way to Italy to get good quality.

How do you get feedback from your customers?
We actually know all of our online clients since we are constantly in touch with them throughout the whole process; we deliver all of our online orders ourselves. We meet people from the royal family, locals and internationals, and we drive to their doorstep to meet them. It helps us understand what people like in our brand and is a valuable feedback for the future. We take pride in our customers; we make sure to never forget them and they really like these little details that make a difference.

What’s next for House of Nomad?
Then next step for us would be to distribute our brand internationally and an idea of a concept store is in talks for the coming future. But, we need to strengthen our position in the region first, because entering the European market doesn’t mean we should forget where we are from.