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Gift the best of culture, art and much more this festive season

Maison Assouline: Festive Gift Guide

Assouline, the first luxury brand on culture, celebrates the art of living through their aesthetically pleasing and culturally engaging treasures this festive season.

With something for everyone, Maison Assouline offers an impressive and vast selection of the very best of art, travel, design, architecture, fashion, hospitality, photography and more collectible books. Follow the modus operandi and tap into the secret of a great gift – by making it personal!

For the Frequent Traveller
Nurturing the love of wanderlust, give the globe-trotter a great escape with one of the many curated books and accessories dedicated to travel.

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For the Hostess with the Mostess
Celebrate the ebullient host/hostess who enjoys the spice of flavour and lavish tones with a selection of titles that cherish delicious culinary and the art of inviting.

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For the ones about Barefoot Luxury
For the bohemian free-spirits that enjoy the good life, these Assouline titles will be their barefoot haven.

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For the Art Curator
For those that appreciate the disciple of art, photography and historic documentaries – the Maison houses very quirky titles and accessories.

The Chic Selector
Relaying the tales of the most stylish fashion, lives, art and jewelry – these fashionable basics will make for popular presents.

The first luxury brand dedicated to culture, Assouline began with the belief that a book artfully crafted and highly considered in its visual content can open our eyes and minds. For over two decades, guided by their passion for knowledge, culture, and travel, they have extended their vision to create all that can be desired in a chic library, including lavishly illustrated books and special editions that become unique decorative accessories.

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