Complex Made Simple

Graphic design trainees showcase creativity

Training programme provided by Tamkeen in partnership with Twofour54

As part of its efforts to support Bahrainis across all stages of development, Tamkeen, in partnership with Abu Dhabi’s Twofour54 and Capital Knowledge Institute, held an exhibition titled “Rhythm & Flow” in the Bahrain Financial Harbour to showcase the works of 16 Bahrainis currently enrolled in Tamkeen’sGraphic Design Training Programme.

The training is provided by the Abu Dhabi based Twofour54 in partnership with the Capital Knowledge Institute in Bahrain. Since the programme’s launch, 33 Bahrainis have received specialised graphic design training from industry veterans, and have been employed in local companies. In total, 50 Bahrainis have been trained through the programme.

The trainees underwent 6 months of intensive theoretical training, followed by two-month internships in a number of media companies and organisations in the country.

Commenting on the announcement, Tamkeen’s Chief Operations Officer, Mrs. Amal Al Kooheji, said: “Tamkeen is continuously working on creating an environment that encourages Bahrainis to bring their ideas to life. This in turn has a strong impact on the development of the private sector and the growth of the economy in the Kingdom. The Graphic Design Training Programmeis part of our many initiatives that seek to allow Bahrainis to achieve their aspirations and goals by imparting them with a specialised set of skills that are in high demand within the labour market.”

Sami Mohammed, one of the students participating in the TamkeenGraphic Design Training Programme, said: “I’ve always wanted to enter the graphic design field due to the creativity and innovation associated with it. Previously, there were not many opportunities in the Kingdom that allowed me to pursue this field, but through Tamkeen’s Graphic Design Training Programme, I’ve been able to further develop my skills in this industry.”

Kawthar Al Mahoozi, a graphic designer and another student participating in the TamkeenGraphic Design Training Programme, said: “The programme has opened new doors for me to delve deep into the graphic design field. I’ve been taught by industry experts and experienced professionals, which has imparted me with specialised knowledge that will help me in executing future projects.”