Complex Made Simple

Jumeirah Restaurant Week 2013

Jumeirah Restaurant Week, which takes place May 23 – June 1 2013, will see 56 top restaurants present a carefully selected three-course set menu to patrons, giving them the chance to sample some of the best dining destinations in the world.

To get into the spirit, Aficionado will be whipping up this signature recipe from Jumeirah Creekside Hotel’s Blue Flame restaurant.

Beef Carpaccio with smoked pears, frozen gorgonzola mousse and pine nut dressing

Cured Tenderloin:
120g Wagyu Tenderloin
40g Maldon Salt
20g Sugar
10g Pink Peppercorn
3g Thyme
3ml Truffle Oil
1g Shaved Black Truffle
5g Salt
0.5g White Pepper

40ml Olive Oil
10ml White Vinegar aged
2g Salt
1g White pepper powder
.5g Dijon mustard

Pine Nut Dressing:
5g Pine Nuts
15ml Vinaigrette

Gorgonzola Mousse:
25g Gorgonzola Cheese
100ml Cream
1g Salt
1g Xantana

Smoked Pear:
1no Pear
20ml Pear Juice
2g Salt
10ml Lemon Juice
10g Rocket
1g Truffle Black
1g Maldon Salt
1g Crushed Black Pepper


Cured Tenderloin:
1. Remove any exterior fat or sinew that may be on the sides. Leave the tenderloin on a wire rack in the chiller for 3 hours to dry out on the sides.
2. In a bowl mix together the Maldon salt, sugar, peppercorn, chopped thyme leaves, shaved black truffle and 4g of salt and keep on the side.
3. Remove the tenderloin and place on an aluminum foil. Brush the tenderloin well with the truffle oil enough to coat the beef.
4. Add the remaining oil to the salt mixture and incorporate.
5. Cover the tenderloin completely with the salt mixture and wrap it tightly with the foil. Punch a few holes in the foil and place it back on a wire rack in the chiller for 4 hours.
6. After 4 hours, turn the tenderloin over and leave for another 4 hours.
7. Remove from the salt mixture and rinse the salt mixture off with ice cold water.
8. Brush some truffle oil again to the tenderloin and roll the tenderloin in cling wrap tight keep the natural round shape of the tenderloin.
9. Freeze it for a day till really hard.
10. Once frozen, remove the cling wrap and slice in a meat slicer on 1.5 thickness and place the slices carefully on the plate in a circle shape over lapping each other to make a complete circle.
11. Finish with Maldon salt and crushed black pepper.

1. Blend the vinegar, salt, pepper and mustard using a thermomix.
2. Continue blending and slowly pour the oil in a steady stream into the thermomix till all the oil is over and the vinaigrette is emulsified. The oil and the vinegar should look as one liquid and not separate.
3. Store in a squeeze bottle in the chiller.

Pine Nut Dressing:
1. Roast the pine nuts in a pan till golden.
2. Remove and allow to cool
3. Chop the nuts in a Thermomix till almost powder.
4. Leaving the thermomix on medium speed, slowly pour the vinaigrette in a steady stream till all the vinaigrette is mixed and emulsified with the pinenuts. The resulting liquid should not look split with oil and vinegar separate.
5. Pour into a squeeze bottle and store.

Gorgonzola Mousse:
1. Blend the cheese and sour cream in a blender until it is a smooth paste
2. Once it is a paste add the Xantana and salt and continue blending for one more minute.
3. Place the mixture into a soda gun
4. Add 2 NO2 gas refills.
5. Leave the canister in the chiller for 30 minutes before using.
6. Shake the isi canister well before dispensing the mousse on the anti-griddle
7. If soda guns and anti-griddle are not available – lie plastic wrap down and place the mixture in a line onto the plastic.
8. Roll the plastic tightly and tie the ends.
9. Place in the freezer and once frozen cut in pieces when ready to serve.

Smoked Pear:
1. Peel the pear and drop into ice water with lemon juice.
2. Vacuum the pear in a bag with the pear juice and salt.
3. Cook in a sous vide bath at 72C for 40 minutes.
4. Once cooked, remove the bag and immerse in ice water to cool.
5. Remove the pear from the bag and cold smoke it with Hickory wood chips in a smoker for 20 minutes.
6. Once done, cut the pear into 4 wedges removing the core part, slice each wedge into 5 thin slices.
Note: The pear can be cut in 4 pieces in advance and poached with pear juice, salt, water and a few drops of liquid smoke


1. Take the plate with the beef Carpaccio already sliced. Dress with pine nut dressing.
2. Dress the rocket and pear slices with pine nut dressing and season with salt and pepper. Place them on top of the Carpaccio, alternatively in a circle.
3. Finish with the frozen mousse on top and shavings of black truffle.