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Kia Aljabr acquisition deal to supply Hanco with100 Kia Quoris cars

Kia Aljabr, Kia Motors exclusive agent in Saudi Arabia succeeded in the largest acquisition contract in the region to supply 100 luxury Kia Quoris 2015 to Al Tala’a International Transportation Co. Limited.

(Hanco) Car Rental. The mega-deal came as Kia Quoris has mandated its position in the Saudi market with its lavishness and high specifications that meet all expectations providing passengers with safety and security, which was greatly esteemed by Kia design team while designing this striking car.

Under this contract, Kia Aljabr will supply Al Tala’a International (Hanco) with 100 black cars as per Hanco request and choice. The Quoris cars will serve VIP guests in a series of luxury hotels Kingdom wide and King Abdul Aziz Airport in Jeddah. Al Tala’a International (Hanco) is a leading Car Rental with nearly forty years of experience and has received many awards for its unique service on both local and regional levels.

Mr. Abdul Salam Aljabr Vice President Kia Aljabr revealed that this deal with Al Tala’a International (Hanco) reflects the significant launch of Kia Quoris in the Saudi market and that in less than three years it could compete with mega companies in luxury car market. Hence, since Kia design team did their best to come up with this masterpiece, it is an actual signal and as planned for Kia Quoris, to be the racehorse that would change all the equations for its favor combining the splendor and grandeur of the design as well as the strength and durability of performance with all means of comfort, luxury and the latest sophisticated technology in the automobile industry.

Already delivered 20 cars to Al Tala’a International (Hanco), Aljabr explained that as per the contract, the rest would be delivered in batches, before end of January. This deal is the largest in the region especially that Al Tala’a International (Hanco) chose the black colour for all cars.

Vice President Kia Aljabr confirmed that the great confidence and wide opening out of Kia Motors in the kingdom doubled the responsibilities of the company, especially in after-sales services, explaining that the company has 65 service centers in the Kingdom, planning to increase the total number to 85 by the end of 2015, to cover all cities and meet the customers’ growing demand for Kia cars.