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Korloff: A diamantaire story

From St. Petersperg to the world. The Korloff brand story starts, and continues, with black diamond and a founder’s journey.

Daniel Paillasseur, the founding father of Korloff, was first dumbstruck when he saw a the world’s largest black diamond, what was yet to be called “Korloff Noir”.

The 421-carat diamond rock belonged at the time to an aristocratic Russian family called Korloff Sapoknikov,

Needless to say, the history of the brand is entwined with the history of this large black gem.

During his numerous trips and after being star-struck by the black diamond, Paillasseur decided to obtain it. Shortly after, the stone’s appeal was enhanced as it was cut to the Korloff shape and given the Korloff trademark. Eventually, it was named Korloff Noir.

The work on the diamond revealed 57 facets of the 88-carat gem, which was soon to become the cornerstone of the Korloff journey and legend. Paying tribute to the Russian family, the founding father chose to name the company “Korloff”.

The company was founded in 1978, bearing the name of the iconic diamond, which continues to fascinate, with legends suggesting that it brings happiness, good luck and prosperity to all who come to contact with it.

The legend seemed to have been proven true for Paillasseur and his family, as the company is still operational under the second generation of leadership by the founder’s son, Olivier Paillasseur.

The founder, Daniel, was born in Lyon, France, this remains to be the base of the brand, which has now expanded to become a synonymous with global luxury.

Today, Daniel’s journey is showcased through the numerous pieces of jewellery, watches, perfumes and other luxury products released by the brand. As it enters its third decade of existence, Korloff has established a worldwide network of agents, dealers, partner shops and retail outlets, and has grown into an international jewellery empire, with more than 50 exclusive boutiques and 450 stores around the world.

The Korloff timeline

1978: The Korloff Saga is intertwined with the story of the biggest black diamond in the world, weighing 88 carats. The Korloff Black Diamond is the soul and symbol of the company.

1980: Aflagship boutique opens in Lyon, France.

1987: A luxury line of accessories and silk-wear influenced by Korloff’s signature style, and a match for its jewellery collections.

1989: Korloff, as partner of the Miss France event, makes a sumptuous lacquer and diamond necklace for Miss France 1988.

1990: World chess champions Gary Kasparov and Anatoly Karpov battle for a $3m prize fund and $1m Korloff encrusted diamond trophy for humanitarian work.

1991: The creation of the St. Petersburg Collection – and innovation using the patented palmet system to showcase a variety of colours.

1993: Korloff confirms its position as a leading diamond merchant and jeweller by setting up shop at number 12 in the legendary Rue de la Paix, in Paris.

2000/2002: The atelier creates the Korloff Cut creation—a unique diamond shape composed of 73 facets that also achieves its own recognition and certification under the international laboratories of IGI in the diamond capital of the world, Antwerpen, Belgium. To introduce the Korloff Cut, the atelier creates the Yasmine collection of jewellery.

2007: Daniel Paillasseur reveals the first couture creations inspired by the cultural capitals of the world.

2008: The launch of the St. Petersburg collection, which pays homage to the Korloff Paris name as well as the courageous spirit and story that inspired the brand’s founder to pursue his own journey.

2009: The atelier launches the flagship Voyageur Collection of timepieces – a global first that fuses multiple movements and time zones into one case featuring contrasting faces.

2012: The company ownership introduces investment-grade diamonds to the financial world as an alternative investment vehicle against fluctuating gold and oil prices.

2013: Creation of the Korloff Mariage concept.

2014: The launch of the St. Louis Collection:  one US Mail Carrier takes on the unknown to become the first to conquer the Atlantic.

2015: The launch of Houdini Voyajeur Collection

2016: Creation of the new Korloff 88-facet cut diamond collection, inspired by the emblematic Korloff Black diamond, sporting a voluptuous, highly contemporary style.