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Loewe changing the rules of fashion and beauty

The rules of fashion are changing, in parallel with the shifts of consumer demands and behaviours.

The phenomenon of “see now, buy now” opens new possibilities in the world of commerce and retail, allowing brands to start selling their collections at the end of their fashions shows. Hence, the consumer no longer has to wait the usual six-months of production and distribution time.

Spanish luxury house Loewe, which just launch LOEWE 001 – its first his and hers fragrance under the creative direction of Jonathan Anderson, is up to date with the industry disruptions, and remains at the forefront of its clients’ expectations.


(A scent of art: LOEWE 001)


The catwalk: Not just about fashion

Loewe has added a new variable to its catwalks, offering beauty alongside the fashion experience, through a drip advertising campaign. The new LOEWE 001 was one of the main elements capturing the viewers’ attention.

“This is a very personal project for me. I spent a lot of time working on it because it’s something I really believe in… I wanted a fragrance to feel credible, an organic extension of what LOEWE stands for today,” Anderson said in a statement.

“LOEWE 001 embodies the freshness of a new beginning, the origin of something. It is the revolution in Perfumes Loewe, a new day for the brand,” he added.

The packaging of LOEWE 001 shows the work of the late, but great, photographer Karl Blossfeldt, who the brand found distils the essence of Loewe as a brand today, and pays tribute to its origins of creativity, from over 170 years.