Complex Made Simple

Louis Vuitton, the travel connoisseur

The iconic French brand is set to release a new collection of guides covering six new cities on October 15 this year.

Berlin, Istanbul, Milan, Rio de Janeiro, Singapore and Shanghai are the new cities featured in the guides. Paris also gets a new version of its already existing guide, written by Frank Gehry, the architect who designed the Louis Vuitton Foundation building.

These city guides, published since 1998, aim to showcase the beauty of the cities by offering an alternative outlook. Little theatres, unknown parks or museums are only few examples of what the guide has in store for its readers.

“Each Louis Vuitton City Guide recalls the philosophy of travel shaped by the House of Vuitton. Travel is an art, with multiple facets. It requires an artist’s eye, among other senses, to dream up possibilities, gain perspective and savour experiences. As for the art of travelling itself, it cannot be completely improvised, but must instead be organised and carefully constructed,” explains the brand in a statement.

The guide also features guest editors, such as designers or celebrities from the cities the guides are covering; the goal being to see the city from the eyes of one of its inhabitant.

Whether you’re well travelled or you want to be, the Destination Collection belongs on your shelf.