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Paavo’s Pizza call on UAE university students to design brand mascot

Best Design wins Grand Prize of Dhs10,000.

Paavo’s Pizza, a revolutionary new concept that lets customers create their own Pizza, is asking UAE university students to design a mascot for the brand, and stand a chance to win Dhs10,000 as the grand prize.

“We want our youth to be part of something that we feel very passionate about, and what better way than to get them to design a mascot for us,” commented Burhan Al Hashemi, Managing Director, EPPCO, the master franchise holder of Paavo’s Pizza.

“The Paavo’s Pizza brand will take Dubai and the UAE by storm. We want a mascot with equal charisma to help our customers identify with the brand. Our university students are amongst the most gifted in the region, and we remain confident that their work will be of the highest caliber,” added Al Hashemi.

Students undertaking this challenge must upload contest entries on Paavo’s Pizza Facebook page –, and submit their original drawing, cartoon, graphic, or image by 30 April 2015, to stand a chance to win the prize.

The students have to make sure that the mascot design is:
•Original and unique, whilst being funky and creative
•An imaginary character (could be in the form of a cartoon)
•Follows cultural standards of the UAE
•Is usable in print and as a costume
•The design must encapsulate the essence and theme of Paavo’s Pizza and is creative and appropriate for a pizza restaurant and the design should usethe Paavo’s Pizza colors of red, black and white

Submission will not be accepted if the designercopiesany original work (i.e. known characters, mascots or cartoons) or usesany specific animals, symbols or characteristics that are associated with other restaurants or food outlets.