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Why own an iPad if you can live in one?

Two buildings are revolutionizing construction in the UAE.

The first is by Hong Kong Architect James Law, a man behind many other projects and most notably Dubai’s airport E-Gates.

He told Business Insider that his “iPad Building resembles the technology in an Iron Man suit” and nearing its completion.

The building, known as The Pad and once called the iPad Tower, has been under construction in Dubai’s Business Bay since 2006.

After more than a decade of work, the building is set to open later this year, according to Futurism.

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Live in an award-winning building

Law’s design for The Pad, which mimics the shape of an iPod tilted in a docking station, won the international competition “Confluence • 20+ Creative Ecologies of Hong Kong.”

The 24-story tower contains 231 “intelligent” apartments that include a virtual reality projection wall that changes locations, a bathroom that analyzes residents’ health in real time and displays reports on the mirror and RFID (Radio-frequency Identification) tags instead of keys for apartments.

The Pad’s 231 “intelligent” apartments come with various features that enhance the capabilities of those who live in it, including health monitoring, air filters, and virtual reality walls.

Law believes that, in the future, residents will be able to add features to their apartments in the way one downloads apps from Apple’s App Store.

Architecture “used to be about the concrete, steel, and the glass, and the shape of a building. But, now I think we’re living in a world where those materials are just the basic materials, and now new materials include bytes of content and interactivity,” Law said.

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First the “The Pad,” now a sunflower-like tower.

Who is behind that?

The Sunflower of Dubai

Set to be completed before Dubai Expo 2020, this 80-story tower will continuously be changing shape as residents choose to rotate their homes, according to architectural firm Dynamic Group.

The 80-storey Dynamic Tower will be the world’s first skyscraper made up of separate rotating floors attached to a central column.

Residents will be able to control the rotation speed and direction of their luxury apartments.

Fancy catching a bit of afternoon sun? “Turn left 90 degrees.”

Want to mess around with the window cleaner? “Rotate right, max speed.”

The project is projected to be 420m tall when complete, making it the third tallest building in Dubai, after the Burj Khalifa and Marina 101, according to Dynamic Group.

The Dynamic Tower will also generate its energy through 79 wind turbines placed between each floor, as well as solar paneling that will coat both the roof of the building and the roof of each level.

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The tower will be the world’s first prefabricated skyscraper.

Doing so would not only decrease both the costs of the project and the number of workers needed but would also allow the tower to be built up to 30% quicker than a skyscraper of a similar size, according to Dynamic.

Interestingly, with so many futuristic features at one place, each apartment would cost a sum of $30 million, as per a report by Mashable.

The total cost of the construction was reported to be more than $470 million.