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Patek Philippe: Always ahead of time

The year 2014 marks the 175th anniversary of Patek Philippe and, to celebrate the occasion, Aficionado looks at an iconic and impressive timepiece.

When it was launched in 2006, the Patek Philippe Annual Calendar Chronograph in platinum won instant acclaim. It was the manufacturer’s first self-winding chronograph, and manifested a new and unique style with its prominent monocounter and three large calendar apertures, thereby establishing itself as one of the most coveted timepieces of the Patek Philippe portfolio.

The brand believes that one of the secrets of success is independence (Patek Philippe is the last family owned watch manufacturer in Geneva). Over the years, this freedom has allowed it to be truly creative, innovative and pioneering – as demonstrated in its historical repertoire of patents, designs and dedication to rare and detailed handcrafts.

“I feel proud to be at the company’s helm during this most important historical milestone. I look forward to maintaining the long-standing spirit of creativity and innovation for which it is known,” says Thierry Stern, president at Patek Philippe.