Complex Made Simple

Planning a vacation joyride through London? Think again

The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea has drafted potential legislation to criminalise engine-revving, speeding and loud music, several British media outlets reported.

The planned ‘anti-social behaviour law’ sparked controversy among car enthusiasts in the UK capital and has been met with much criticism and condemnation.

“Kensington and Chelsea, don’t demonise supercars,” pleaded Alex Prindiville, founder of Prindiville, the only supercar showroom in central London. A life-long car enthusiast, Prindiville thought the newly proposed laws are “heavy-handed and unnecessary”.

“Existing laws are already perfectly adequate to deal with the minority of supercar drivers who step out of line, provided they are properly enforced,” he noted. “If I show up in Knightsbridge with, say, three cars that I wish to show to a client, I don’t want to feel that I could be liable to prosecution simply for parking them all together.”

Besides London-based supercar brokers and owners of luxury cars, central London welcomes a significant number of additional drivers – including tourists from the GCC – who bring their luxury cars and supercars along during their summer holidays in the city.