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Qbara: Traditional Arabic fare with a twist

After getting a taste of Qbara’s dishes during arab luxury world 2015, Aficionado heads to the restaurant to try their iftar menu.

Conveniently located within Wafi City, adjacent to Raffles Hotel and just five minutes away from DIFC, Qbara’s two floors seamlessly combine a time-honoured Arabesque design with a distinctive modern milieu. The restaurant prides itself on giving international twists to regional dishes.

A five-course meal, the iftar menu remains closer to the Middle Eastern tradition with its choice of recipes. The dishes – appetizers, soup, warm appetizers, main course and, finally, dessert – are served in small mezze-style plates for guests to share during their meal.

An ode to Moroccan cuisine, the Qbara Harira Soup – with its perfect consistency, ideal blend of meat and chickpeas and mouth-watering medley of flavours and spices – transports you straight into the lively streets of Marrakesh.

One of the main highlights of the warm appetizers course is the Crispy Soft-Shell Crab Saj with Garlic and Harissa. This seafood rendition of the iconic shawarma is an unexpected delight, served with light “saj” bread (a Levantine type of flatbread), a soupçon of harissa (a Tunisian hot chilli pepper paste) and vegetables.

While Qbara offers an impressive selection of dishes to choose as a main course, the showstopper is, without a doubt, the exquisitely tender slow-cooked lamb. After marinating in yoghurt and herbs for 24 hours, it is cooked and left to simmer for another 24 hours. Truly a dish to remember.

For those who look forward to a sweet finale, Um Ali with rosewater custard is set to bring the iftar experience to a wonderful close. Best enjoyed with traditional Arabic hot beverages.

Qbara sets the bar very high this Ramadan and the attention to detail and creativity is what sets it apart from other Dubai eateries.