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Rattan House opens new showroom in Uptown Mirdiff

Rattan House, the leading manufacturer and exporter of synthetic rattan furniture in the Middle East, opened its trendy new location in Uptown Mirdiff.

The opening is in line with Rattan House’s strategy to meet the increase in outdoor furnishing requirements as Dubai continues to attract new investments, as well as a surge in the retail industry and the continued influx of new residents. Rattan House forecasts further expansion within the UAE in the coming years to meet future market demands.

Dubai has emerged as the leading retail destination in the region with the second largest number of global brands and the annual shopping festivals attracting visitors from all over the world. The announcements of new malls being developed and the emirate’s successful bid to host Expo 2020 has caused a further increase in the number of visitors, projected to rise by 9 percent year on year to reach 20 million by 2020, with the retail sector expected to grow alongside.

Dubai FDI’s latest report shows an estimated growth in the retail sector of over 33% by 2015, from Dhs114 billion in 2012 to Dhs151 billion. The growing population’s relatively high disposable incomes, the fluidity of the real estate market and more international retailers choosing to open branches in the UAE have helped influence this growth.

“The economy of Dubai is an intricate network of businesses and services that positively impact each other and actually work together to grow, not just the emirate, but the entire UAE,” Ihab Al Sheikh, Rattan House Worldwide CEO, stated.

“For example, because of its strategic location, many international companies choose to have headquarters in Dubai, thus creating new jobs, increasing the professional expat population, who will then require more supermarkets, malls, entertainment options, and so on. Everything is interrelated.”

He added, “This current growth in the retail industry will also create a higher demand for indoor and outdoor fit-outs as more malls and shops are built. At Rattan House we are trying to be more proactive at forecasting market demands, so the opening of our new showroom in Uptown Mirdiff is just the start of our extensive expansion plans.”

The Mirdiff district is growing in prominence as an important link to the northern emirates. As its population expands with a number of residential developments now completed, the area is quickly becoming a desirable location for top businesses.

The new 300-square-metre Rattan House showroom in Uptown Mirdiff features the manufacturer’s latest collection of stylish outdoor furniture and accessories, most notably the recently launched Ablaq Collection, exclusive to Rattan House and specially designed for the region. The Ablaq Collection was developed in Dubai and features distinct modern Arabesque designs inspired by the Arabian landscape and its culture and traditions.

“We’ve had a lot of interest from customers living in the northern areas of Dubai who’d like to drop in more frequently than they could at our Sheikh Zayed Road showroom,” says Shafiq Al Taher, Business Development Director at Rattan House.

“Our philosophy at Rattan House has always put the requirements of our customers as a priority and we endeavor to respond as best we can. We saw a lot of potential in locating our second Dubai showroom in Uptown Mirdiff in terms of meeting the demands of our target audience as well as being able to showcase our products in a sought-after residential district. We see being in Uptown Mirdiff bringing us positive returns for the long term.”

Rattan House is a known innovator in the furniture industry, bringing synthetic rattan to the forefront as a material that is as durable as it is elegant, and is preferred by hotels and cafés for their outdoor seating requirements. Rattan House has also made efforts to produce its signature collections of furniture designed and developed in Dubai, starting with the Middle Eastern touch of the Ablaq Collection and the Mina Set, a multi-use set perfect for casual outdoor use and lounging by the pool.