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Regional cultural scene insane: 7 attractions that will blow your mind away

“Café Terrace at Night,” “The Yellow House,” “the Potato Eaters”: These are only a few of the art work of a very famous painter.

The world was lucky to witness his work a 120 years ago but not for too long as he was crazy enough to commit suicide at the age of 37.

He struggled with mental illness and remained poor and virtually unknown throughout his life.

He’s known as the tortured genius who cut off his own ear.

He is Van Gogh, and the UAE brought him back from the dead directly to you!

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Van Gogh’s works of art are displayed today at the Abu Dhabi National Theater.

Yousef Batook, managing partner of 6IX Degrees Entertainment, said: “There has never been an art exhibition like this in the region and we’re expecting visitors to be blown away by this stimulating experience.”

Other countries are not idle.

Here is a list of 7 popular cultural attractions in the UAE and the rest of the region.

The Louvre Museum in Abu Dhabi- UAE

The Louvre museum is the first of four total planned to open in Saadiyat Island. Leonardo da Vinci is featured  at the museum with La Belle Ferronnière and Mona Lisa which are exhibited in the Middle East for the first time.

The Royal Opera House in Muscat- Oman

It was officially opened on 12 October 2011, with a production of the opera Turandot, conducted by Spanish tenor Plácido Domingo and has since become Oman’s premier venue for musical arts and culture.

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The Library of Alexandria- Egypt

Located on the shore of the Mediterranean sea, Bibliotheca Alexandrina opened in 2002 but was built to commemorate the Ancient Library of Alexandria , one of the largest libraries of the ancient world. It was once the largest library in the world. The initial organization is attributed to Demetrius Phalereus, and is estimated to have stored at its peak 400,000 to 700,000 parchment scrolls.

Abu Dhabi National Theatre- UAE

This is one of the largest and most modern theaters in the region, offering a vast auditorium that can seat 2253 audience members. Established in 1981, it has state-of-the-art lighting, sound and film equipment and it also incorporates a multi-purpose hall for arts and crafts exhibitions. It hosts exhibitions for famous international artist, the latest being that of Van Gogh.

The National Museum of Beirut- Lebanon

It is the principal museum of archaeology in Lebanon. The museum was officially opened in 1942. It has collections totaling about 100,000 objects, most of which are antiquities. About 1300 artifacts are exhibited, ranging in date from prehistoric times to the medieval Mamluk period.

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 The Cairo Opera House- Egypt

The Cairo Opera House, part of Cairo’s National Cultural Center, is the main performing arts venue in the Egyptian capital. It is home to most of Egypt’s finest musical groups. The opera house was inaugurated on 10 October 1988. It hosts some of the most important events including Carl Orff’s legendary ballet shows, “Carmina Burana” and “Fiesta Flamenca.”

The Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Cultural Centre- Kuwait

It is the largest cultural center and opera house in the Middle East spread over 214000 sqm area at a cost of $775 million.  It opened in 2016 to offer a range of events – in music, theatre, film, workshops and spoken word – for every generation and sector of society.