Complex Made Simple

Reserve your supersonic jet

The Spike S-512 Supersonic Jet caught the attention of the world both with its incredible speed and incredible design.

The new supersonic jet, which can travel from LA to Tokyo in eight hours – as opposed to the regular 14 to 16 hours, will feature a revolutionary windowless passenger cabin: instead of the usual tiny openings you’re used to gazing through on commercial planes, the cabin interior will be covered with thin screens that will display a panoramic view assembled from feeds from the several cameras mounted on the outside of the craft.

“Fuselage walls are complex set-ups made even more complicated by the additional structures needed to support cabin windows. Eliminating the windows allows us to simplify the fuselage design, reduce the parts count and lower manufacturing costs. It also results in a smoother exterior skin, which reduces the aircraft’s drag, resulting in increased fuel efficiency,” says Vik Kachoria, President of Spike Aerospace in a statement.

The S-512 Supersonic Jet is being built in stages, and bids for the finished article will be accepted soon.

In time, Spike Aerospace believes, supersonic travel will be available to everyone so they can explore more of the world, faster.