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Rolex is promising a new experience at the Dubai Mall

Building on a long-standing partnership, Rolex and Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons have inaugurated a new Rolex Boutique in Dubai.

The world ’s largest Rolex Boutique: Opened on 30 April 2018.

The boutique covers an unprecedented 850 square meters of retail space, including an area devoted to a total immersion into the world of Rolex – the Rolex Experience – which encapsulates the brand and its legacy in a truly exclusive and unique setting.

Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons, the Middle East’s leading retailer of luxury watches and jewelry, has been the Official Rolex Retailer in Dubai for almost 60 years.

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The Rolex Boutique was created with bespoke architectural and design components, custom-designed by the Rolex  Interior Design department in Geneva.

Following is an overview of the store’s three levels:

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Level 1 − the boutique

The ground level of the boutique maintains the tradition of Rolex Boutiques around the world, with sales counters and tables and the watch collections on display.

So many specially designed features are present throughout the boutique.

Level 2 – the mezzanine

This exclusive area boasts a dazzling decor with, for example, walls featuring leather trim and gold-leaf detailing, images inspired by the cut of a diamond, or Rolex crowns made of gold watch indexes and appliques.

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Level 3 − The Rolex Experience

On the top floor of the boutique, an immersive experience, aptly named the Rolex Experience, enables visitors to discover all the facets of Rolex.

The entire upper floor is dedicated to the discovery of the Rolex brand: its heritage,  watches, manufacture, Testimonies, sponsorships and philanthropic activities.

Here the story of the brand is told in its entirety for the first time in Dubai, in a remarkable setting.

The Rolex Experience includes a screening room, an exhibition space, a reception area and a lounge.

In the screening room, a film entitled The epic of the Oyster, the watch that defies time and elements features the world and history of Rolex.

In contrast to the darkened screening room, a bright space surrounded by an extra- large replica of a Rolex Oyster bracelet presents exhibitions for viewers.

A lounge area, made of noble materials for a relaxed atmosphere where customers can converse, enjoy refreshments and avail themselves of a library of books and magazines about Rolex, surrounded by Rolex- related objects.

To further immerse visitors in the brand and the essence of its home in Switzerland, six screens situated around the lounge show World of Rolex films.

These films depict the four Rolex sites in Switzerland where the watches are created and assembled,  providing a  glimpse into the workshops and the magic behind the timepieces.